DC on Friday = Clam Chowder

My experience with the Post Office was extremely good today. Wait time was less than 20mins and I had jamba juice as I waited. (don’t get orange dream thingy, was okay, but not too good). My midterm is due in an hour, and as I was doing the practice problems, I realized I had no idea how to graph these weirdos! Oh no!!! I’m doomed!!!!

Thanks to my friend jhchichiri! He saved my life! Gave me a 30sec lecture on how to graph xy=z and other weird spherical and cylindrical graphs. *whew*

Midterm just ended. Didn’t do too well, but oh well. Ran outta time. =( I just took the IM addict quiz. 52% addicted to Instant Messenger. How about you? You guys are in for a treat for next week’s picture. ^_^x

YES! YES! YES! I finally got to eat at the DC on Friday. You know how many days I’ve missed my Friday meal????????? I was invited to Chevy’s today and declined because I promised myself I was going to eat at the Dining Commons finally. Initially I promised to go eat Thai with cari and I realized I promised myself I had to eat at the DC, but thank god everything worked out and cari changed it to Sunday. I felt bad declining my friend’s invitation to Chevy’s though and made up a really bad excuse of having gone to Chevy’s a few weeks before. Why am I obsessed with DC on Fridays. Not only because I haven’t been to the DC once during Friday since the semester started, but because they have Clam Chowder!!!!!! Their clam chowder isn’t exceptionally good, but I have an obsession for clam chowder. They just taste good no matter who makes them. Of course there will be those that oppose to my liking of the DC’s clam chowder which many think is bad. Once again, I’d like to take the time to apologize to lori and milkmandan.

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