3D Game Motion Sickness

thanks to n0rybic for providing this article: Motion Sickness: Common Among Gamers?. It basically talks about motion sickness which I have contracted through playing to many 3d shooting games when I was younger. Back then it was all about duke nukem 3d and any new 3d shooting game that came out, I was there to at least give it a try. I recall the last 3d shooting game I was able to play non-stop was Jedi Knight because it had a light saber and I love sword fights. 8hrs @ a time playing finally blew up my brain I’ve decided and now if I play fast motion 3d shooting games such as QIII or Unreal Tournament, I won’t last over 30mins before a pounding headache starts. I can still manage with Max Payne and Rainbow Six cause those are much more slow paced than the previous mentioned games.

Slept @ 7am and woke up @ 5pm, nice. That’s how all my schedules should be but life is never that easy. Got several more compliments on my tail today and I’ve decided to keep it till @ least my next hair cut.

If u notice, my links now change colors and become bold! W00h00! I will be bring back several of my old webpages tomorrow. Goodbye for now cause I have a midterm tomorrow and haveta wake up @ 8am and there’s hw for me to do right now. ;p

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  1. hi just curious, co’z just recently i started playing a game called far cry! its a great game tried playing the demo! anyway i got blon away with the graphics and physics of the game, but after playing awhile like 5 10 min into the game i started getting sick, like i feel that i would vomit! anyway yup i guess its motion sickness! anyway question is, do you have any remedies? as to how i can cure my self? i really want to play this game, i can see that alot of young people like to play fps games nowadays! and it bothers me as to how they are able to play games like counter strike (fps games) without getting sick! is it that younger people can more easily adapt? i am 29 by the way! and its funny co’z i have never been sick on any trip in my entire life, i even read or do other things while riding on a car! could it be that theres something wrong with me? anyway just wanted to hear your thoughts on this!

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