Cat’s in the Cradle

there’s a song that I’ve really liked that my friend liam showed me a few days ago. Harry Chapin – “Cat’s in the Cradle” has been playing on repeat on my winamp for several days already. Click here to d/l the mp3 or click here to see the lyrics. The lyrics are very meaningful and I believe it illustrates modern society and how typical parent and children relationships are formed. A somewhat gloomy song which has caused me to reflect on how I’ve treated my parents… At first I thought this song was by Cat Stevens, but according to many websites, that’s a common misconception where the true artist is really Harry Chapin. I hope you guys will enjoy this song as much as I did.

Just got my SouthWest newsletter today. What doesn’t make sense is how come a trip to/from LAX to Oakland is more expensive than a trip to/from LAX to Phoenix, AZ!

Los Angeles, CA
$46 one-way, to/from Oakland, CA
$39 one-way, to/from Phoenix, AZ

That just doesn’t make sense to me. Sigh. Airfares used to be $30, then $34, then $39, and now $46. Stupid 911 event. =(

Bad news and good news on my midterms. Just got my midterm back from Math53M (multivariable calculus). Got a C. not too happy with it and am really pissed cause I know I could’ve done better if I tried to study. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Physics midterm was pretty ez today, got most of the questions and BSed some. Hehe. Hope I do well on this one and not blow it like my Math53.

Added the links page up with several of my old websites up and my friend argghman’s link has been moved there. For those who haven’t seen my psx or prom website, they’re ALIVE!!! The picture of the week will be changed tomorrow. So be sure to come back and check it. ^_^x

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