Midterms are OVER!

PICTURE OF THE WEEK has been updated!!! Really pretty! ^_^x I’ve also got plans for next weeks picture already, thanks to the great sammu.

I just came back from an arduous study session with mecha on psychology which we have a midterm today (technically 12 hrs from now) I’m so freakn tired. Woke up @ 7:40am yesterday and had ~8hrs of school and then 4 hrs of studying for psych (first time the book was cracked open, hehe) Came back and died on my desk. Was later woken up by my suitemates and then been playing with my computer since. My study session with mecha was very interesting. According to Sigmund Freud, slip of the tongue represents some type of release of your internal self. During the course of our study session, we came across a name Horney (horn – eye) and mecha basically said horny. We had such a blast and couldn’t stop laffing after realizing he pronounced it wrong.

FINALLY!!! MIDTERMS for this week are over! Totally bombed my Psych one, but it’s okay cause I never really did anything for that class (in a psychological point of view, this would be a defense mechanism theorized by Sigmund Freud. Basically, the only reason I’m not feeling too bad is because I believe or HOPE that no one did that well too) My Computer Science (oh god! I almost had a heart attack)… As I was walking down to my midterm @ 7pm, I rethought… was the midterm @ 5-7 or 7-9? Last year’s midterm (cs3 – same teacher: Dan Garcia) was from 5-7) oh sh*t!!!! I started sweating and panicking. What am I going to DO????? As I was walking toward the building, I saw more and more people walking the other way. CS61A is a very big class and NO ONE was walking the same way as me!!!! Being to VLSB (Valley Life Science Building) for my first time, I was also lost and asked for direction. I got in and found the room, walked in and they were just starting to give instructions (YES! YES! I was practically thanking god for this). The midterm went really well, and our whole midterm group (yes, there was an individual section and a group section) went out to Mel’s (basically SoCal’s Johnny Rockets) for a little celebration.

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