Low on Diapers

diapers: Wow! “I’m running low on diapers today.” “Should I turn my diapers inside out to wash them?” What the heck am I talking about. LOL, can’t believe that was going through my head before and during my laundry task.

These are the cutest little mints I’ve ever seen! Got them in my mail (freebie) awhile ago but was hungry today so I opened them up. I still miss my penguins caffeinated mints, but these will have to do for now.

dilbert postpone-mints

As for yesterday’s post, I’ll first show you a clip of what we were reading:
Click here to see clip. (warning: Rated R)

This is actually from our Psych book and it was really funny because we were reading this outloud in my suite and people would often come over and mechy and I would laugh due to embarrassment.

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