End of Spring Break

worst day of spring break for most of us since it’s the day where you basically do all your hw and school starts tomorrow. For others who’s semester ended, grades are beginning to be posted and I feel sorry for a very special friend of mine who didn’t do too well in one of his class.

Day went by pretty fast. Oh yeah, for those that didn’t know, I got a new cell-fone #. Contact me if I haven’t told you the new #. I’ve emailed most of the people on my contact list already, but gomen gomen if I missed you.

SO MUCH NEW ANIME IS OUT!!! (looks @ watch) 2:30am and I haven’t started my computer science hw yet. ;p

Ever wonder why google is such a great search engine? Thanks to damion for finding the secret of behind google’s technology.

Last but not least, HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY!!!

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