Being Lazy

Sorry I didn’t update over the weekend. It was because I lost that hour and totally messed my schedule. Went to sleep @ 9:30am on Sunday morning. Anyways, gomen gomen. ^_^x

This weekend was weird, not just about the lost hour, but everything in general. I had no motivation to do anything besides entertain myself. ZERO hw was accomplished during the weekend. I spent the entire weekend watching anime and hanging out with friends:

Friday Night – Rewatched 13 episodes of Hikaru no Go with mecha.
Saturday – Went to In-N-Out for dinner and then headed to the beach. Beach was freezing cold, but I got tons of cool shots. Will post them up later.
Saturday Night – Continued my journey of Berserk (anime). I just realized how good the music is. Here’s some examples: earth | forces | gatsu. The anime series ended and I had to read the manga to continue the story. Realized my version of the manga wasn’t complete.
Sunday – Spent the entire day reading the Berserk manga. Boby bear came over later and I helped him with his CS project.

Btw, new episode of Hikaru no Go came out, and you know what that means. ^_^x

hikaru and sai falling back
Click image to start the animation or view it in the gallery.

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