Midterms :(

didn’t sleep @ all last nite and went to my first breakfast of the semester with ohfuee and damion. Came back to sleep from 9-11 and woke up and finished math hw due Wednesday. Math54 (linear alg.) is so much easier than Math53 (multivariable calc). oh yea! I didn’t even tell you why I was up all nite. Despite what you might’ve assumed, no I didn’t watch anime all night. Stupid Math53 hw took so LONG!!! I was so mad and frustrated about the hw the entire time and was so happy when I finally finished it. I did watch 3 anime episodes in between breaks, hehe.

I recalled crabyaple asking me about a protest @ Berkeley several days earlier about the current situation about Israel and Palestine and I was like “what the heck are u talking about?” I also remember him claiming we didn’t know what was happening @ our school. The thing was nothing did happened then and the protest was scheduled for today. There was a sit-in @ wheeler and it was quite a site. This was the first protest I witnessed @ Berkeley. @ the end, the police ended up arresting everyone because people were starting to get violent.

After dinner today, I slept like a little white sheep deep in his own world. Apparently pikachu was messing with me during my sleep cause he ended on the other end of the bed when I woke up. Woke up @ 12am and ohfuee came over and I helped him with Math1B (calcBC). And now it’s 5:44am and the question comes up again, should I stay awake till breakfast? Or should I go to sleep? Wait… Hikaru no Go 23 is out! Gotta watch that now. Hehe. ^_^x

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