Microsoft Mouse/Keyboard warranty

first to clear up some confusion. The midterm I missed was only optional (not to be graded, more like a practice MT). also, about the mouse, if you haven’t guessed it yet, yes I got it for free. You ever wonder why Microsoft mouse are so expensive? It’s because they usually have a 5year warranty and will ship a replacement w/o the hassle of you sending it back. I had a Intellimouse w/ Intellieye before, but they realized that was a bad model and discontinued it. Now instead, they upgraded mines to an Intellimouse Optical which has 2 extra buttons. Hehe. ^_^x

Went and got a free jamba juice today @ 9am. The wait time was ~1hr. skipped 4 classes today. Decided to sleep in and then woke up @ 3:30pm. I’m actually proud about what I accomplished today. Went to the dean’s office and found out my faculty advisor. Went to my faculty advisor and got my advisor code (for signing up for classes). Then I went to Physics Lab and completed it in 1hr (1/2 the time allotted). Wow!

rurouni kenshin - sanosuke - tripping
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“Whats mine is mine and whats yours is also mine.” ~ sano

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