Apartment Searching

Liam’s bday pictures are up along with the story.

Today I went apartment searching. The apartment I saw was really nice, however the cost was above what I wanted to pay ($1650/2ppl). Tomorrow, I’m going to go see my second apartment which we hopefully will like.

Oh yah! Today was Cal Day and all the prospect Berkeley students (well, most) came up to visit the school. As I was walking down Hearst, I bumped into Earl and Alice’s group by coincidence. (yesterday I was all worried about how to contact them, hehe). I had an appointment with a landlady so I met up with them later. Their photo album is up, but I haven’t had time to input my story. Maybe later today. It was a lot of fun today, but with only 3 hrs of sleep after the party yesterday, I came back dead and slept from 4-9. hehe

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