New Apartment

got my 2nd physics MT back and my score was a C+. yuck. Should try harder, but I just don’t have the self-motivation to do so. Oh well, at least I’m passing this class. I have a bad feeling for my CS and Psych though. Sigh… a very bad semester indeed.

My future roommate cunndogg and I are getting excited because we found a studio on Hearst right next to Etcheverry (for those that live in Berkeley, you know how close I’m talking about. Classes will no longer be 5-10 mins away, but instead 2-5 mins. Hehe) and the landlord is interested in renting it to us. We’re having an interview on Thursday so wish us g’luck!

Stupid Yahoo will POP3 mail starting wed. the 24th (for most of you reading, that’ll be today. Actually it must be today cause it’s 6:43am and it’ll probably be ~7am when I post it. Unless you’re here late @ nite and it’ll be the Thursday the 25th) I’m frantically searching for a better email service, if all works out, there’ll be a surprise.

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