Rental Applications

sorry for not updating yesterday guys. Don’t even remember what I did last night. Probably wasted once again. Lol.

Oh wait… now I remember, I was filling out my Rental Application. Rental Applications are so powerful. You get the person’s name, dob, address, credit cards, bank accounts, and enough info to actually do a whole lotta damage on you. Well, I had my apartment interview today. We walked in, shook hands and she accepted us, no questions asked (even before we gave her our rental application). We were like: WOW! (we = cunndogg and I). Welp, I’m all set for housing next year. Going to cost ~$640/month for a pretty nice-sized studio right next to the MechE building (Etcheverry) which is right next to the CompSci building (Soda). Great location, Great price, what else can you ask for. ^_^x

Added more MT doodles. Only had 2 this time and only doodled in Math 54 (which I got a …, n/m I usually jinx myself when I say that). As for quality of paper, I noticed that my scan went through, so that can only mean 2 things: the scanner got a brighter light or the paper on the MT got thinner). Which really means only one reason, hehe.

I’m hoping I can announce my surprise by tomorrow. If not, then I’m sorry. Everyone just got back from the Boat Dance and right now ohfuee is cutting drsarkis’ hair @ 3am. Hehe. G’nite ^_^zzz or should I say g’morning! ^_^x

Ooooopz, almost forgot! please spread the word! thanks ^_^x

here’s a little something I whipped up, and sorta thanking those who check daily:

transforming hand
Click image to start the animation or view it in the gallery.

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