AHHHHHH! Don’t you hate when you get something working, the other part that was working before stopped!?!?! Hmmm, this actually applies to 2 things that happened to me today now that I think about it. First it was my CS project (just realized how my troubles today could relate to it). Remember the CS project I ditched last Friday, well, I had to do it today. Procrastination will only find it’s way back to haunt you even more. Was working on my CS Project writing Logo in Scheme. Everything went well. Got stuck for the longest time on one problem. Finally got it to work and then realized several of our codes in the beginning no longer worked. AHHHH! Too much data abstraction. Hopefully the part that was due on Monday wasn’t affected. As for the 2nd thing, it was my surprise. That you’ll haveta wait. Can’t ruin it now. Hehe. ^_^x

prince of tennis - eiji - nanjaro hoi hoi

Was watching Prince of Tennis today, and saw this flash. The word Kenshin caught my attention and I decided to post it up. Nothing really special. Anime’s really good, but I can’t wait for more Hikaru no Go!!! Sigh…

Guess I spoke too early. I do have the surprise up and ready for display. If you haven’t noticed already, my new url is: www.krunk4ever.com. I’ll be moving the site soon to a real host instead of forwarding it to my OCF Berkeley account. My email has also changed to toland@krunk4ever.com. Update your email address books. ^_^x

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