Free Yahoo! Mail through POP3

just a normal weekend today. Sleeping when the sun rises and waking when the sun sets. Some genius found a glitch on the Yahoo! mail servers (thanks to groundzero for point it out to me). Here is the link if you still want to use Yahoo! email. Their smtp servers (the server you use to send out) don’t work, but you can easily change that to your own isp’s smtp server or be like me and switch to a different service.

Last nite, liam and I were discussing how it’s fun to just randomly chat with people’s computer with them either being away or asleep drooling on their keyboard. He was drunk (okay not drunk, tipsy. Why do you even care if I’m politically correct?) yesterday and randomly chatted with this anonymous girl and had this big philosophical speech. The girl came back later, but that’s not the point. I recall the meeshell monster doing this many times late @ nite and I’ll wake up and have these awesome msgs to read (yes, I used to sleep like a normal human being, but I’m practicing to become an EECS major. I’ve got the nocturnal business down. Now I need to learn how to shower once a week or less) Well, here’s a little demonstration on how talking to computers can be so fun: click here. (btw, don’t get any weird ideas about the content. It was merely a demonstration! *hik*)

New links are up: added bapsfrick (my ex-best friend – sounds like my ex-boyfriend huh? Well technically that’s true. He was a boy and he was a friend, lol) and my sister’s site up. Go check it out.

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