Supply of Straws

I got a present today! w00h00! Thanks to carii, my supply of straws for me to chew on has been replenished. It also came with cute looking ribbon. Thank you!!!

I really hate it when someone makes fun of me in my back, especially when I’m in hearing distance. Last Thursday (boat dance nite), I was eating dinner by myself because everyone was going to the boat dance. There was a group of boys behind me that were chatting. I was eating my way and they were eating their way, but suddenly I heard them say, “You know, some people were just meant to be loners. Take for example, that guy over their with the tail. He might think that his tail looks great but see how he has no friends…” At the moment, I wanted to go over there and just.. just.. well do something, argue, hit, whatever that guy. But I didn’t have a good argument to present, plus I had no proof. So I quietly left. Last nite on Simpsons, I heard the best quote that released all this frustration:

Politician: What are you wearing? I’ve seen better chains on tires.
Mr. T: I pity the foo’ who criticizes others’ fashion to boost his self-esteem.
Politician: I hate my life.

I can just imagine myself going up there and saying that ;p It would’ve been so great.

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