Mechy Magnet Effect

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Today I witness the first Mechy Magnet Effect. As I was walking home from class, I bumped into mechy. It was like a natural phenomenon!!! All the times before, I was just exaggerating a rumor, but today I can tell that everything I’ve said was not an exaggeration. As I was saying, I bumped into mechy. Next to him was a girl on each side and they were pretty good looking. They were chatting and I just stood there laughing inside and smiling outside. Mechy noticed me and came up and asked what was so funny. I said ‘oh, nothing.’ So we walked back home together. The girls kept on following us, but didn’t talk to mechy along the entire route so I thought, maybe I was wrong…, we were @ the intersection where we usually bid farewell, and the moment I walked away from mechy, the 2 girls resumed their talking with him. I couldn’t stop my self from having this big grin. Inside of me and I was rolling on the floor laughing outloud. And I thought to myself, “the rumor’s actually true!!!” There you go, the Mechy Magnet Effect experienced first hand by me.

There was a 2nd drama today, but pardon me for not revealing any names. Let’s just call them Pika and Potamus (the 2 stuff animals I have with me right now. I missed my others so much!!!) Pika is the mischievous one. Pika would go around and fool with other people’s stuff and just likes to be mischievous. Well, Pika today did a very bad bad thing. Pika stole Potamus’ cellfone. Not wanting to end up in jail, pika comes up with a genius plan, but required help from me. Of course since Pika was my friend, I couldn’t say no and was glad to help. After stealing the cellfone, the cellfone kept ringing (pika’s guessing potamus is looking for the cellfone) and quickly implements his plan. I answered the cellfone and it was potamus. Potamus recalls bringing the cellfone with him, but I made a lie and said: really? It’s always been here. Since potamus just woke up, he didn’t seem too sure anymore, so everything is no back to normal. But since the truth has been revealed now, pika’s going to hate me and potamus will torture me until I reveal who pika is. But who knows what will happen…. Hehe ^_^x

Currently 5:10am and I have an appointment @ 9:30 tomorrow. So adios! ^_^zzz Oh yeah, liam’s been bothering about picture of the week, so I found one that I think is worthy to make into the hall of fame. Enjoy ^_^x

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