Ending of Kanon

I just finished watching Kanon. The ending was so sad. *sniff*. A young man’s memory repressed and now when the bubble pops, he wishes the bubble would’ve popped sooner. This is the first anime I believe that has actually brought tears to my eyes (just like him):

kanon - ayu leaving
I hope I didn’t ruin the story for anyone.

I would also like to share something my brother/sister made. What I’m curious is how they took the picture since they don’t have the digicam. Hmmmm. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Hehe:
hippo and snorlax
Click image to start the animation or view it in the gallery.

@ 4am, I finally cracked the code, ie: finished my cs project. W00h00!!! The debugging took so long for just one simple function. Grrrrrr! But I’m happy now. Now onto 53 hw. Shoot, I forgot to jot down the hw assignment! (actually, I ditched all of this week’s lecture)

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