Sai’s Sword

you can’t believe how happy I am right now!!! The new episode of Hikaru no Go just came out. Or should I say the new episodes. Yes!!! Just finished watching them and this episode was so good!

hikaru no go - sai's sword

Wo? What just happened to a friendly game of GO? Watch it and find out! ^_^x. Ooooh, I’m so excited. The next episode is due out tomorrow! You can’t imagine how arduous the past several weeks has been with out Shindou to cheer me up.

I know I’ve stopped working on my beta interface for awhile. Stuff just came up and finals are coming. What was that? How do I have time to watch so much anime? Well, you see, anime is like candy, you never think you’re addicted to it, but those who deny it you can be certain are addicted. I’ve gone through 2 XXL bags of M&Ms in 1 month. Wow.

Welp, I was planning on telling a story today, but looks like I’m too tired right now. So I’ll save that for some day later. G’nite ^_^zzz @ 6:14am

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