Human and Base 10

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Today, I’ve had some meaningful discussions with cunndogg and green. One thing we talked about was base 10. Why do humans count in base 10. (for those that don’t know what base 10 is, it’s 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 while binary[base2] = 0,1; base 10 just means 10 different digits to represent numbers, just like hexadecimal[base16] = 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,B,C,D,E,F) Anyway, we were talking about why humans count in base10. Most of you might think that base 10 is just naturally easy to count, but ask yourself the question why. It’s the most obvious because that’s how we learned it since our birth. If we learnt from base 12 or 16 since birth, base 10 will be like: oh, this is weird… One thought was maybe the first people to create numbers relied on their fingers. Green rebutted by saying if that is true, then there we should be in base 11, not 10, cause there’s 11 #s our hands can represent: 0-10. Then we moved on to think about which base would be the perfect base and easiest to learn in. We’ve decided that binary would be too hard and too long. 11111111(base2) = 256(base10). Cunndogg suggested base 12 which 12 is a really nice # because lots of factors are multiples of 12 and I suggested 24. Both were good candidates. Green said if he owned a country, he’ll implement the hexadecimal system(base 16). One cool fact we found out is that 64(base16) = 100(base10). We didn’t really go into finding the relationship much, since our discussions moved on. Since we were all EECS, we talked about how post-fix would be so much easier to program. (post-fix: 3 4 +; in-fix: 3 + 4; pre-fix: + 3 4) In post-fix math (which was btw used in Latin), no parenthesis were required, which currently in-fix requires parenthesis in so many places. It then moved on to languages where the verb follows the object (post-fix). So if I wanted to say: The world as it is will end soon, it’ll be something like: The world as it will soon end is. Weird…

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