Mechy and Girls

Project Mischief is underway pretty good. Phase II was supposed to be completed with ease, however, I lost 24hrs. *sniff*. Time is precious when there’s a war going on. Hope I can make up for lost time.

Recently, I noticed I used the word ‘welp’ more often than I ever used. In fact, I never recalled using that word at ALL!!! I wonder what go me started. I always use: oh well, but I noticed I no longer used that now. I wonder if it’s because of my lazy butt and the welp saves me 3 keystrokes. ;p

I finally got evidence of mechy and his girls. This was all a coincidence. We all know mechy won’t show us the real thing when he knows we’re around. Sorta haveta bump into him to know the real truth. (was that a double positive? Is there such a thing???) Pic1 | Pic2 :: from what I recalled, at least one of the girls present in the pix was different from the girls I bumped into last week. I wonder what mechy is pointing for them. Either to his room (oooh la la!!!) or just giving them a tour (meaning it’s their first time here!!!). hehe -_^x

Thanks to great friends like panzer and mercurial, I finally got my hands on The Storm Riders! WHAT A GREAT MOVIE!!! Sigh, I miss those days with all the good Chinese kung fu movies. They all suck now. Too much computer, not enough action. If you haven’t seen this, this is SUPER RECOMMENDED. I’d show you some pix, but it’ll just spoil the movie for you. For those that want it and has an EDU connection, msg me.

Bleh, I’ll save the quotes for tomorrow in case I don’t have an interesting story for you guys. G’nite @ 7:22am.

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