Free Will – Part 2

What a day?!?! My alarm started ringing @ 11:30 but I didn’t wake up till 12pm when the phone rang. Hehe. Had lunch with my dear keppelites and then went straight to studying. First midterm is on next Tuesday (sorta late). Mechy and I had a somewhat productive day, clearing 3 chapters of psych. ^_^x Funny part was there was only 3 hrs of studying, but we had over 5hrs of break time (this doesn’t include the extra 2 hrs we watched the movie after studying).

Continuing yesterday’s debate, so what is free will? Is it the ability to make a decision? Or is there no free will at all since all decisions are affected by environment and mental states. My psych teacher gave me these 3 quotes: “Transcend the past. Transform the present. Make the future.” A very beautiful quote may I add. What the quote says is that human minds aren’t like tape recorders. What our brain encodes/retrieves will not always be the same as the original source. Since our present is affected by the past, we can say that there is no free will. However, because human minds aren’t tape recorders, we have the ability to transcend our past (meaning to able to see it differently and surpass it from holding us back). By altering the way we see our past, we can alter our present (transform the present). Now that we have control of our present, creating a future no longer seems like it’s being controlled by fate. The debate’s not over yet and I’ve only given you several viewpoints on it. So it’s up to you to decide if you have free will or not. If you have any response to this, feel free to email me @

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