Stupid Networking Guys

i’m very sorry about no updates for the past 2 days. been dead tired from work. the place i work @ is recently moving to a new office and it’s very frustrating how my work is dependent on the telephone/network guys for finishing their job. however, a very unprofessional/unreliable guy delayed my cousin and me for over a WEEK!!! things that should’ve been done since last friday was delayed till yesterday night. my cousin is going back today to see if they’re done yet.

new toy for me today!!! went to CompUSA and got myself a WD 100GB 7200RPM for $120 w/ $20 MIR (mail-in rebate) a dollar per gig. going to replace all 3 of my current harddrives (30 + 30 + 40 = 100GB)

just found out I won a PS2 Game during one of kellog’s promotions. received Gran Turismo 3: A-spec for PS2; but i got no PS2, so just going to sell it on eBay or

today I went friend-hopping. actually 2 friends only, so only 1 hop. hehe. Went to visit ungsunghero. haven’t seen him IN SO LONG! but we’ve always chatted online. those 3am chats were “awesomely cool“. hehe we traded some computer stuff then I went to elbandmonkey’s home because he was in need of a Calculus book to help prep for college. When I got there, he was on his bike ready to go to the library. IT’S SUMMER! YOU DON’T GO TO THE LIBRARY!

as for domain names, i’ve been thinking of &; however i really have no purpose with these domains besides serving files. so if anyone wants to partner up; i’m open to choices. ^_^x

oooooh! just remember i still need to sell my SW Rapid Rewards ticket. Total Cost of 3 round trip tickets = ~$240. Price I can probably sell on eBay = ~$280. Net cost for all the flights home = -$40. w00h00! hehe


due to the recent cheap webhosting provided by CyberWings, my cousin and I decided that we should take advantage of it and serve anime! my original account only costs me $3.95/yr. Here’s what I have:

view report | 550MB of webspace & 30GB of traffic. I’m nowhere near these numbers as you can see in the report. With 550MB, I can probably host 2 anime episodes, each about 200mb. I also bought 2 more accounts (it was buy 1 get 1 free, each with 330MB w/ 18GB of traffic) for only $8/yr together. Now i just need to decide on 2 more domain names so I can activate my accounts. nice eh? That’s why I NEED YOUR HELP (yes I mean YOU!) to help me decide on some good domain names!

today while playing with my admin settings, i happen to learn what the web user fucnction was. it’s very similar to your college web account or yahoo/angelfires where I can create user accounts with the following URL: It comes with FTP support and just shares my space/traffic which there’s no way I can really finish. ^_^x

Links have been updated with more friends’ sites.


well friends, Picture of the Week is finally updated and i didn’t choose one of the beautiful ensenada pictures which i took many of. what i ended up with was something hilarious i noticed while shopping. i think you’ll enjoy it, especially my enemies!

announcement: i have been de-carred
dad didn’t like my style of driving and claim he needs to retrain me, so i’ll be w/o a car till i pass his standard. grrrr.

recently obtained Pink – Missundaztood album and some songs are there are actually really good and i really like it. if you haven’t heard the songs “Don’t Let Me Get Me”; “Just Like A Pill”; “Get This Party Started”, you’ve missed out. ^_^x

Grandma’s Back

grandma’s back from hongkong! w00h00! went to pick her up @ the airport today.

comments for ensenada have been completed. enjoy ^_^x. for those that didn’t get a chance to d/l the movies, feel free to goto Old News -> June ’02 and it should listed on 06.24.2002.

i should be getting the Pic of the Week up very soon. hopefully by tomorrow. sorry for the lack of updates.

Fishing in Ensenada

guess what! i’m home. i had an awesome time!!! was too tired last nite for an update, so doing one today. hehe. for those that don’t know where ensenada is, it’s actually part of Baja California, about an hour south of Tijuana. It’s a great vacation place. If u wanna find out more about it, click here

i went from BBQ to kayaks to seadoos (aka larger versions of jetskis) to fishing. It was really fun and I had a great time. ^_^x Guess what?!?! While i was on a seadoo, i fell off the boat and lost my glasses in the water. actually, my turn was too sharp and it flung my cuz who was sitting behind me off and he pulled me in with him. all in all it was fun and i took a lot of great pictures and is being uploaded as I speak. Comments of course will come later.

here’s some video clips I took with my new digicam. some were meant to be photos but it was accidentally set on camcorder. hehe.

trailer tour: a tour of the trailer my cousin annd I slept in. everyone else got a hotel room, but we liked the trailer more. it was fun and who knew you could fit 5 beds in one small trailer. (7.44mb)
estero beach: was walking down the beach and decided I should take a video clip of the beautiful scenary. (7.61mb)
boat tour: the boat was mighty rocky and i just did a 360° of our fishing boat. (3.39mb)
barry’s first catch: this was really meant to be a photo, but like i explained before, stupid mistake. Barry’s first catch was a Yellow Tail!!! I unfortunately didn’t catch a single one. sigh… (1.12mb)
fish tail: again, this was suppose to be a foto. but go fish tail! (2.56mb)

so yah, go check out my photos! they’re really kewl! hopefully i’ll have the comments up really soon. enjoy ^_^x

Baskin Robbins for Lunch

guess what, more toys!!! my cable modem/router for my apartment came in earlier this week; but they wont be tested till i move in in August. as for my digicam, it’s here! arrived in 2 days! that’s fast! ripped apart the box when i got home and started playing with it. it’s like a small laptop where it makes beeps and chimes. scary! oh yeah, i’d tell you how i got my camera, but it’s sorta unethical, BUT TOTALLY LEGAL. Let’s just say @ the end, with the purchase of an additional 128mb Secure Digital flash card, i came out with $30 in my pocket.

had baskin robbins for lunch and came home @ 9 and was starving to death. note to self: get a more fulfilling lunch if i plan to work late.

well, i’m all packed to goto ensanada tomorrow, so.. so.. I.. guess… this is… good-bye. *sniff* don’t worry, i’ll be back on monday with kewl pictures from my new camera. -_^x


i might be going to Mexico for the weekend, so this page might not be updated for several days. gomen gomen. ^_^x

how’d you like the waldo thingy from yesterday? hehe, if it scared you, i’m sorry. just sorta something to spice up those boring summer lives. i’ve already got 2 complaints that summer vacation has gone down the drain cause it’s so boring! hehe.

*yawn* tired. worked straight for 9hrs w/ no lunch today. g’nite ^_^zzz

Goodbye Aslanian

guess what! i’m getting a new toy! check it out here! w00h00! Thanks dad! *snap*

btw, my friend RipFace gave me this cool page on Where’s Waldo? It’s back! -_^x

Now time for some sad news, as you know our beloved math teacher Ms. Aslanian (sometimes called Aslainian) has recently passed away. *sniff* The following info may be a bit late, but here goes:
The funeral is going to be held on Wednesday, June 19, 2:30 PM at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Burbank…off the 134 freeway on Forest Lawn Drive…there are two chapels… go to the red brick chapel. – n0rybic | more info is on the top of Mark Keppel’s website.

Well, it’s time for some good news. for those that forgot or didn’t know. Today was Shirley’s BDay. ~Happy Birthday Shirley!!!

Business Ideas

went over some business ideas with a bunch of friends. had some great ideas. maybe we might be able to put some into action! that’ll be really exciting. ever had an idea that started off as just something that popped into your head, but with the help of friends, be able to make it reality. the feeling is just so sweet!

notice to anyone who wants to goto Magic Mountain on Wed 6/19:
hey guys! sorry for my ineptness. but um for the six flags trip… i basically told people to meet at my house at 10am OR meet at six flags at around 11am. um, if you’re going or meeting there at six flags, tell me. so we won’t leave without you or whatevers. and invite whoevers you want to go! hope to see ya on wednesday the 19! ~carol

g’nite ^_^zzz

Tongue and 9V Battery

took my dad out for lunch today. day was pretty boring until the keppel senior group dropped by. it was really a surprise! I had no idea they were coming. earl, dione, daniel, and susan dropped by and it was really kewl. We then went to visit randy as some may know it’s __________’s dreamboy. hehe.

here’s my thought of the day:

Krunk4Ever (1:29:13 AM): hey
Krunk4Ever (1:29:23 AM): u ever stuck your tongue on a 9volt battery?
ungsunghero (1:29:34 AM): no
ungsunghero (1:29:37 AM): i’m not that stupid
Krunk4Ever (1:29:44 AM): anyway
Krunk4Ever (1:29:50 AM): it gives off a tingly feeling
Krunk4Ever (1:30:00 AM): but i get the same feeling from a paperclip
ungsunghero (1:30:07 AM): <– shaking head
Krunk4Eer (1:30:13 AM): when it’s connected to my cavity and tongue
Krunk4Ever (1:30:17 AM): cavity filling*
Krunk4Ever (1:30:43 AM): any idea why
Krunk4Ever (1:30:55 AM): have no idea how a circuit is beling created
ungsunghero (1:31:16 AM): cavity filling = metal
Krunk4Ever (1:31:22 AM): yeah
Krunk4Ever (1:31:30 AM): but where’s the source of electiricity coming from?
ungsunghero (1:31:37 AM): you
Krunk4Ever (1:32:03 AM): connected to my teeth roots?
ungsunghero (1:32:20 AM): = nerves
ungsunghero (1:32:25 AM): = electrical signals
Krunk4Ever (1:32:28 AM): ooooh
Krunk4Ever (1:32:29 AM): i c
Krunk4Ever (1:32:45 AM): do i damage them by completing the circuit?
Krunk4Ever (1:33:13 AM): i wonder if i can get sweet/sour/salt/bitter tastes
Krunk4Ever (1:33:21 AM): by connecting to other parts of my tongue
ungsunghero (1:33:39 AM): you have too much time on your hands
ungsunghero (1:33:50 AM): come visit me or something
ungsunghero (1:33:51 AM): haha
Krunk4Ever (1:33:57 AM): only seems like sour is responding
Krunk4Ever (1:34:16 AM): or maybe the sweet sensation isnt strong enough to make me acknowledge it