Learning PHP

just got back from san francisco on sunday nite and still unpacking. it was a great week besides that i didn’t have much internet access. the site will not resume normal progress until probably friday or this weekend because while i was staying @ SF, i’ve learnt or began learning php thanks to cunndogg. this is going to make my life so much easier. u see that menu on the left, i can no program that once and it’ll automatically know what to highlight, what to extend depending on the link you clicked. php IS SO POWERFUL!!!

also, when i got home, i found a motherboard sitting on my desk. I ACTUALLY WON SOMETHING FROM THAT AMD & NVIDIA sweepstakes. w00h00! check out the 2nd place winner list for my name ^_^x

I’d be happy to announce the 2nd wave of pictures (last of dorm & dave’s bday) are up and ready to be viewed and laughed at (or enjoyed if that’s what you do). hehe. Enjoy and have a great summer and i’ll probably be back up and running on friday. I start working on Wednesday ^_^x

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