FINALLY! My site is ready. After spending a week learning php, implementing the menu system, and converting my my old logs into the new format. whew! I’m so sorry about delaying the update so much. Everything should be up and running. If you find any errors, please email me.

Thanks to my brother for providing an awesome flash series:
Ninjai 1 | Ninjai 2 | Ninjai 3 | Ninjai 4 | Ninjai 5

My summer’s starting to right layout before my eyes. My work is requiring a lot of my time. The company is moving to a new building and harrybons and I have to setup the network and make sure it’s running perfectly before they move over. It’s really not hard work and stuff we really know how to do well.

Home’s been fun so far. Haven’t seen any friends yet tho. Hope there’ll be a gathering soon. ^_^x

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