Last Day of School

so tired… only had 4 hrs of sleep total for the past 2 days. dont even remember if i took a nap or not. sigh… isn’t this vacation??? What happened to sleeping @ 6am and waking up for dinner. hehe. anyway, this brings me back to what happened to me on the last day of school…

i had 2 finals on the last day of school. so sad. anyways, just like first semester, either it was the excitement or nervousnous that got to me and i didn’t get any sleep the night before. so that morning i made myself a cup of coffee just in case i’d fall asleep during the final. after the first final we went to lunch and then i realized my 2nd final was about to start and i didn’t even have my cheat sheet with me which was still sitting neatly on my desk across campus. I rushed all the way back and how lucky i was to run into the graduation ceremony while everyone was exiting. As i inched my way through them, i finally reached home and ran all the way to the final. luckily the momenet i sat down as the moment they started passing out tests. Welp, finals are over and now i gotta start packing. we had to move out by 10am tomorrow. well, packing isn’t all that fun as many of you will find out. So i was sidetracked many times, but I’m glad I did cause us guys had some great chats. Selena had come up to visit dolly and although i had promised to visit them, i ran outta time and was really sorry that i couldn’t make it. (my reasons are very valid as you will see soon). Actually, i skipped a big chunk. no i didn’t. Well, somewhere in the midst of packing, we had decided to go out for dinner as a suite, but in the end it only ended up just 3 guys (raman, liam, and me) and we had some good pizza @ zachary’s. More packing and more packing, i didn’t even have time to sleep. Since i was staying over @ cunndogg’s house for a week, cunndogg and I had to move both mines and his stuff back to his house. we did like 3 total trips and also had to bother his parent’s to help out. It was a really hectic morning, going from Berkeley to SF several times. @ the end, we left ~1pm. Martin was joking with the other custodian’s that they should check room by room and start charging that $100 late fee. I was just glad that we finally made it out alive. Remember, This is me running with 2 days with no sleep. 2 very hectic days may I add. Must be that cup of coffee with 5 tablespoons of sugar. After unloading, i decided to take a nap and i fell right asleep. hehe, there, my hectic move-out experience. I hope you guys won’t procrastinate like me.

As I end today’s news, I’d like to wish everyone g’luck on their finals! GANBATTEI!

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