Tongue and 9V Battery

took my dad out for lunch today. day was pretty boring until the keppel senior group dropped by. it was really a surprise! I had no idea they were coming. earl, dione, daniel, and susan dropped by and it was really kewl. We then went to visit randy as some may know it’s __________’s dreamboy. hehe.

here’s my thought of the day:

Krunk4Ever (1:29:13 AM): hey
Krunk4Ever (1:29:23 AM): u ever stuck your tongue on a 9volt battery?
ungsunghero (1:29:34 AM): no
ungsunghero (1:29:37 AM): i’m not that stupid
Krunk4Ever (1:29:44 AM): anyway
Krunk4Ever (1:29:50 AM): it gives off a tingly feeling
Krunk4Ever (1:30:00 AM): but i get the same feeling from a paperclip
ungsunghero (1:30:07 AM): <– shaking head
Krunk4Eer (1:30:13 AM): when it’s connected to my cavity and tongue
Krunk4Ever (1:30:17 AM): cavity filling*
Krunk4Ever (1:30:43 AM): any idea why
Krunk4Ever (1:30:55 AM): have no idea how a circuit is beling created
ungsunghero (1:31:16 AM): cavity filling = metal
Krunk4Ever (1:31:22 AM): yeah
Krunk4Ever (1:31:30 AM): but where’s the source of electiricity coming from?
ungsunghero (1:31:37 AM): you
Krunk4Ever (1:32:03 AM): connected to my teeth roots?
ungsunghero (1:32:20 AM): = nerves
ungsunghero (1:32:25 AM): = electrical signals
Krunk4Ever (1:32:28 AM): ooooh
Krunk4Ever (1:32:29 AM): i c
Krunk4Ever (1:32:45 AM): do i damage them by completing the circuit?
Krunk4Ever (1:33:13 AM): i wonder if i can get sweet/sour/salt/bitter tastes
Krunk4Ever (1:33:21 AM): by connecting to other parts of my tongue
ungsunghero (1:33:39 AM): you have too much time on your hands
ungsunghero (1:33:50 AM): come visit me or something
ungsunghero (1:33:51 AM): haha
Krunk4Ever (1:33:57 AM): only seems like sour is responding
Krunk4Ever (1:34:16 AM): or maybe the sweet sensation isnt strong enough to make me acknowledge it

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