Baskin Robbins for Lunch

guess what, more toys!!! my cable modem/router for my apartment came in earlier this week; but they wont be tested till i move in in August. as for my digicam, it’s here! arrived in 2 days! that’s fast! ripped apart the box when i got home and started playing with it. it’s like a small laptop where it makes beeps and chimes. scary! oh yeah, i’d tell you how i got my camera, but it’s sorta unethical, BUT TOTALLY LEGAL. Let’s just say @ the end, with the purchase of an additional 128mb Secure Digital flash card, i came out with $30 in my pocket.

had baskin robbins for lunch and came home @ 9 and was starving to death. note to self: get a more fulfilling lunch if i plan to work late.

well, i’m all packed to goto ensanada tomorrow, so.. so.. I.. guess… this is… good-bye. *sniff* don’t worry, i’ll be back on monday with kewl pictures from my new camera. -_^x

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