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wow, it’s been a whole week since i’ve updated my site. sorry about that folks. cyberwings is a process of moving to a new server and I was too lazy to update the dns name servers to have it forward to my OCF account.

well, a lot has happened this week, too much even for me to remember. hehe.

I’ll start off with my new computer. Not totally new, but new motherboard and hd:

The reason for this upgrade was because i was experiencing frequent freezes/crashes on my system. And NO, I was not using Win9x. In fact I was using WinXP which has ALWAYS been stable till I installed a raid controller card and even a COMPLETE format didnt fix it. And YES, the RAID controller has already been removed. hehe, i think i’m beginning to sound like a certain someone i’ve very familiar with.

Here’s a picture of my old mb + cpu fan. (notice the excess thermal paste i used. i was uneducated about thermal paste back then. always thought the more the better. hehe)

Welp, i sorta ran into a roadblock during this upgrade. Realized I didn’t have DDR-RAM and the new motherboard only supported DDR in contrast with my old ECS motherboard which still had SD-RAM compatibility. Guess more RAM for my server @ home. hehe. Oh well, i was forced (yes, my computer is my life and i feel as i’m dead with it not on) to pay summer ram prices ($49 shipped for Crucial Technology 256MB PC2100 DDR-RAM). Best Buy just had a sale this weekend which I got in on (PNY 256MB PC2100 DDR-RAM for $50 – $20MIR)

here’s some pictures during the upgrade:
pic1 | pic2 | pic3 | pic4 | pic5 | pic6

next thing i’d like to talk about is networks. u know, how ethernet cables have 8 wires. well 4 of them are useless. I found that out from animebons who i was helping creating some network jacks for the company i work @.

There’s only 4 wires that are being used, 2 for transmitting (wire 1&2), 2 for receiving (wire 3&6). So inside a hub, switch, or a jack, only 4 wires are being used. So I saw how 1 jack miracuously became 2! by using wire 4,5,7,8 and converting them to wire 1,2,3,6, we were able to run 2 network jacks to the server which used to be one before. The link below shows you exactly what i’m talking about.

Linksys’ FAQ

last but not least, some couple updates within the site. as i noted in my dreambook, dreambooks are now part of my site through the magic of php. nifty trick eh?

i also learnt how to use javascript to pop up those windows for pictures. enjoy ^_^x.

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