Worst Traffic Jam EVER

Had the worse traffic jam ever today! Was stuck in traffic over 2hrs! Rumor that it was a bomb threat @ Puente Hills mall off of Azusa (the whole Azusa Ave. was blockaded; police wouldn’t allow entrance) or it was a flipped over tanker. For those that are familiar with City of Industry, it tooke me 45mins to get from the intersection of Azusa & Gale to Fullerton & Gale. Sigh… Going to check this link more often now.

Staples finally sent me my WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos today. Got the human edition for only $25.30! nice eh? hehe.

for those that haven’t heard of my RAM/Video Card problem, I’m happy to announce it was only a simply driver problem. Thanks to WinXP and it’s rollback feature, i no longer incur anymore freezes. w00h00!

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