Who is Dione?

oh sweet so sweet CABLE!!! *big tears rolling down krunk’s face like in those animes* hehe ^_^x. finally got it installed today and I’m a happy camper. already started my downloading process. in the process of getting Hikaru no Go – 45 and Prince of Tennis – 36. this is going to be so sweet!

welp, today sueon came up to visit us Berkeleyians with his family. it was very nice to see him again and because of this reunion, I’ve gotten to see SO many people I’ve been meaning to see. kalekkos, yan-ray, evin-kay, istine-chray, boby bear, cari, avid-day, ick-vay, ason-jay, ohfuee, and of course mechy! (note: people who’s SN/nick I didn’t have has been substituted with pig latin). sueon had to ditch us and meet with his love-boat friends. yeah it’s exactly what it sounds like. hehe. after dinner we went to chill @ sam’s place and we played with swords and fire. nice, eh?

btw, i just realized dione is not dione. i mean dione really exists, but I’ve been associating her with the wrong person. wow, I’ve known this girl for at least half a year and I’ve been calling her dione! wow, how embarrassing. today she tells me her name is otherwise. now I’m back to square one where i know dione exists cause people know her, but i still DON’T!!! hehe. oh well, when the time comes, i know I’ll meet her. i mean this happening is weird enough, but deja vu. ason-jay lost his wallet and we were frantically searching sam’s and my apartment, but no luck. then i checked my IM messages and my friend snakescott tells me that if my friend dropped his wallet, he has it. ason-jay was one lucky boy! he comes in and we say hello (note: I’ve been calling him scott for the past year or so). he locked himself out so he asked if i had our apartment manager’s #. i gave it to him and he gave her a call. he said he was jacob and asked if she was around to open the door for him. after the phone call, i asked what his name was and he said, yeah his name was jacob. i mean how should I’ve known that! i mean someone with the SN snakescott implies his real name is scott, no? it was just one hilarious day.

ooooh, my new scanner is installed and I’ll show you the magic that my cuz showed me with 1-bit tiffs and of course I’ll show you my recent sketches. once again i lost my precious piece of paper which had important info which i jotted down from the first few days of school. sigh….

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