Who’s Hairband Is That?

wow, august is my shortest news log since February! this month was one crazy month i’ve gotta say. 1st week of school is over and now i hit a 3-day weekend. awesome! i didn’t even remember about the 3-day weekend until someone reminded me. although now i recall all my professors mentioning those who has labs on Monday to make up on a Tuesday.

welp, i forgot to tell you guys something very interesting that happened yesterday. i almost broke up the perfect couple because of my careless actions. well, i guess this wouldn’t constitute as ‘news’, but it’s so funny i’ve gotta tell you. as u recall, sueon came and visit yesterday and he visited our new homes. during the walk to ohfuee’s place, kalekkos took off my hairband (no, i’m not a girl but for those that know me, they’ll know why i have a hairband. at ohfuee’s place, i accidentally left it on decathanerd’s desk. guess what happened when cari and decathanerd got home?

cari: who’s hairband is that?
decathanerd: i thought it was yours…
cari: no…

well, the story they told me ended there, but one can only guess how the conversation ended. but everyone that was listening to our conversation could tell cari released a sigh of relief and couldn’t seem to hold her joy inside. I’m really sorry i caused any sort of misunderstanding. ^_^x

great news guys. moving onto another server: catalyst2. the plan i got is 1000MB disk space & 1GB transfer for £11.99/year (US$18.61). not as cheap as cyberwings, but for $1.55/mo with that kind of specs, it’s a steal. i just hope it won’t die on me like cyberwings did. so i’m currently going through a transitional period so some of you may see this on www.krunk4ever.com faster than others who will still be reading stuff through ocf. both sites will be updated; however ocf’s updates will end in 2 days, where i’ll solely put my web data on my new host.

today cunndogg, liam, lydia and I, well it was actually tonite, or even this morning since it is officially 12am already went to a bar. we ordered our drinks and I got a virgin fogcutter (suggested by liam cause it sounded cool). well our waitress apparently only wrote down fogcutter and when i took the first sip of it, it was nasty & bitter. but the show was spectacular. they put dry ice into a little cup and capped it and had holes on the side which shot out steam. it was a extremely fun nite. did i finish the drink? now that’s the mystery.

i promised to showcase my doodles today, but cunndogg’s asleep, and i don’t wanna wake him up with my scanner, so tomorrow. meanwhile, I’ll give you guys the picture of the week. ^_^x

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