Slicktran’s Visit

it’s the beginning of a new month and guess what! NO SCHOOL TOMORROW! hehe. anyway, slicktran came up to North Cal today and ohfuee sorta gave him a tour of berkeley. slicktran’s appearance was quite unexpected for no one knew he was coming till he popped up yesterday.

christine: so you slept with sam last nite
slicktran: yah
bobybear: you know, that’s politically incorrect

i’ve been mass downloading anime for the past 2 days since i got my cable connection. the atnt connection here is a lot better than what i had to go through last year. well, that was before i made my network of intranet friends where speeds went up to 5megs/sec. musta put a lotta stress on my harddrive. it’s worse this year for incoming freshmen because the new limit is only 5gb. YUCK YUCK YUCK!

the current dreambook links don’t seem to be working on this new server. i’ll try to resolve that asap, but no one usually talks in there anyway. my new service comes with a forum utility which i might be checking out later. hehe.

and as promised, my sketches are up. so check out the doodle section. ^_^x (after a bit tweaking, i also implemented cunndogg’s special ps7 trick and made the file even SMALLER! wow!

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