Drunken Adventures – Part 2

yesterday… whew! what a night! anyway, i was too dr… i mean too tired to really describe anything in details for i couldn’t continue and wanted to end the news and go to sleep. there were couple things we did last nite. after we left the saloon, we went back to our place and ben had previously bought some type of good whiskey (which everyone besides me agree, but then again, who am i to judge when i’ve never had any other type; supposedly this type of whiskey is a lot easier to go down than others). well, cunndogg convinced me to take a sip of whiskey and it was bitter and nasty and burning. recall ralph from simpsons, “it taste like burning.” but the after-taste wasn’t that bad. the bitterness quickly left my mouth. but once again, i’ve proven to myself that i don’t like alcohol, doesn’t matter what type, what kind, or what genre. anyway, everyone was a bit tipsy @ this point. everyone else had 2 glasses of white russian and then a shot or 2 of this whiskey. nobody was drunk, so we decided to take a walk to the park (next to the berkeley rose garden; sorry but i forgot what the name of the park was). lemme tell you, the park was extremely fun! i mean we were riding the see-saw which made our butt sore. then the swings and ben all this time was yelling, “HELP! I’M GETTING RAPE! AHHHHHHHH!” in a shrill voice. Then came the slides. this was the most fun. it’s an extremely long/tall slide to be on a normal playground. looks like it was meant for the water parks. but anyway, i first slid down on my pants and my butt was on fire by the end of the trip. apparently there were cardboard pieces around which u were suppose to sit on riding it down. but for some reason, it wasn’t thrilling enough for us. either cunndogg or ben decided to throw sand @ liam when he was coming down and it triggered a almost frictionless effect. so each of us took a cardboard box folded up with sand and before we slid down we poured it onto the slide. weeee! i swear i was going @ least 35mph down that slide. then of course, the cop. *shivers* would’ve been super bad if he arrested us. 3 calls. the cop received 3 calls of complaint. wow! we must’ve been one noisy bunch of kids. hehe.

well, any tech-saavy fan would’ve known that Microsoft is releasing Windows XP SP1 (Service Pack 1) on 9/9. however, for it’s premier members, it’s been released already and someone leaked it out onto the net. now everyone is downloading it. worried that you have a cracked version? well TweakTown has found a way to bypass that and let you installed SP1. rumors about it crashing your system, not letting you boot into windows, and others such and such, have not been verified yet. but so far the only problem people has is that if your cd-key is one of mass generated, it will halt the installation half way through and you’ll return to your regular windows xp, with no changes (as they say). anyway, the fastest link ppl have found so far to download SP1 is this. it’s a 130meg file so be warned. ^_^x

anyway, more doodles for you! chk it out! ^_^x

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