911 Lotto

the 9-11 front page will be left for one more day. since my report is still about 9-11. thanks to elbandmonkey, who showed me this link. Backup of it is here in case the original link changes. If you still don’t see what’s so obvious, highlight the following invisible line it says: the winning lotto #s of NUMBERS: 9,1,1. Coincidence? or Fate? i’ve gotta say tho, that i’m glad nothing serious happened today. peace!

anyway, our bathroom has finished being tiled. but still unable to use it yet since the tile needs to dry and harden. he says we should be able to use it on friday. sigh… i’ve been washing my hair in the kitchen sink for the past few days. sigh…

currently doing my cs70 hw which is due tomorrow. so gotta get back to work. only 1 class tomorrow! w00h00! ^_^x

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