Heaven 911

another boring saturday it is. so i’ve dedicated today to be links day where i’ve post all the links i’ve been accumulating for awhile.

my friend airzjordan sent me this mp3 provided by HOT 99.5 which as people claimed is a tear jerker. in case the original link doesn’t work, try this (YouTube). it’s an extremely sad song and i must warn that by listening to this song, it may cause depression and many other symptoms which i will not be held accountable. OR it may cause furious reaction against someone/group which i will again not be held accountable for. if you accept these terms, please proceed. ^_^x

the internet has given us anonymity, but some people like to take advantage of that and cheat others with it. check out this news article as one such individual tells his story.

thanks to ungsunghero for providing this hilarious link, although many of u may find this not funny at all and in fact really scary. here’s the links to the pictures: pic1 | pic2

welp, my day started out quite boring, but ended great. natdogg, cunndogg’s friend came over and we went to the saloon again. no arrest this time, but we had some great chats and some girls were checking out natdogg. then we went walking around the streets bumping into other drunkees and one of the girls was singing and tapping everyone’s shoulder that was walking by. we then raced down several streets or was that before we bumped into the other drunkees. hmmmm, can’t seem to remember. anyway, during our time @ the saloon, cunndogg and natdogg had a bet that cunndogg couldn’t take the nasty drink he ordered and cunndogg said he’d take 2 if natdogg pays for the drinks. the bet was made. cunndogg allowed me to have a taste and i took a *tiny* sip and immediately spit it back out. it was freaken nasty!!! but cunndogg was the man and he took 2 glasses down. it was called the zombie or something. he was really wasted by the time he finished. anyway, when we got back to the apartment, cunndogg had another drink, called the tango dew which he made himself by looking it up on the web. he had one earlier and there was not really much alcohol in it when he let me taste it. then he fixed it up again and said it was different. it sure was, there was A LOT more alcohol in it this time and i took a kleenex afterward and wiped my tongue. really nasty after taste. anyway, that’s all for today and g’nite ^_^zzz

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