Completed Bathroom

the highlight of my day was when our bathroom finally is finished. it looks superb right now. new tiles, new facets (or whatever u call that shower thing with knobs and a shower head), and a new paint job. mitch did a great job i’ve gotta say. so tomorrow, i can resume back to normal showers. ^_^x here’s a picture of it:

completed bathroom

well, then again, my highlight of the day could’ve been seeing my ex-roommate for the 1st time again since i’ve returned to berkeley. mandalayx, ben, cunndogg, and i went to mel’s for dinner and guess who we bumped into??? AMBER! ordering food was even more hilarious. when it was ben’s turn to order, he asked for a cheeseburger, when he really meant grilled cheese sandwich. but he was stuttering and couldn’t remember what he wanted. when he finally did, he said, “i’d like to order a grilled cheese sandwich, baby. i’m sorry, i didn’t mean to call you baby.” the waitress goes, “oh, don’t worry about it. in fact, i like it when u call me baby.” ben tries to defend and it just got worse. she says, “now i’m not good enough for you. you’re such a heart breaker.” it was so hilarious! when she brought our food over, she gave special treatment to ben and said, “here you go, baby.”

then we went to safeway cause cunndogg wanted some booze. got more of his favorite seagram. mandalayx sorta disappeared midway talking on his cellfone. we were at the car already and decided to park somewhere else and see if he could find us. it was so funny.

worst part of my day was my confrontation. everyone kept saying i had this girlfriend which i never met. i mean, i would know right? or am i just blinded since i’m in the middle of the situation. sigh…

guess one! there’s been a new site being spread around the Berkeley Newsgroups. It’s called Final Distance. it’s been added to my links section but is supposedly a great tool for help in planning out the optimal class schedules. u input your list of classes and then it’ll choose the best discussion section/lab section to fit in the most packed schedule. it also factors in lots of other factors that u may select. u can even tell it no classes before 10am or something. really interesting so if you’re in berkeley, u may wanna bookmark this link. ^_^x

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