Every Anime Character

well, today is my favorite day besides saturday and sunday. well, i dont particularly like sundays much, but sleeping in is always fun. on thursdays, i only have one class. after 11am, i’m a free man. came back and took a nice long nap.

best part of the day was when liam came over and we went out for dinner @ some thai restaurant on solano. guy’s nite out again and we were just chatting (mostly gossips, but guy gossip is different from girl gossip, guys just say it to laugh, girls jot it in their brain either to spread or to use it as blackmail later on). of course, then there was trigger happy tv. awesome show.

welp, as promised, new doodles are up. so enjoy ^_^x. you’ll noticed that there’s one with color. it was by accident. my finger was bleeding and it made a red dot on the sheet. i was watching Samurai Deeper Kyo and the main character had red eyes, so i decided to take advantage of that color instead of my normal black&white doodles.

Suppers donated this link. It’s a 4meg picture so i might take some ppl awhile to download, but supposedly contains all the anime characters pre-1990 or even later.

and remember TGIF! ^_^x

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