Homework on Fridays

arggggh, i hate my cs61b hw. missed out seeba/milkman/lorie’s bbq tonite. was going to be a great reunion too! =( why does our professor have to torture us by making homework due on Fridays!?!?! does he automatically assume that eecs have no life? great teacher i’ve gotta say, but ahhhhhh! any, hw was due @ 12am so i BSed a couple of the questions and submitted it.

i watched ‘The Professional‘ today. great movie! but for some reason, i didn’t particularly liked the pedophile implications they kept on putting into the script. lots of tactics, strategy, and my favorite part was when that French guy (also in Wasabi – also a classic! saw it on JAL (japan airlines)) figured out how to escape. too bad the ending wasn’t… nah i won’t spoil it. hehe

someone pointed out that the prom link in my previous projects didn’t work and it has now been fixed.

amazon.com is awesome. i got my disney dvd 3pak (toy story, toy story 2, a bug’s life) for only $25! they also canceled my another order of mines and to make it up to me, gave me a $40 Gift Certificate. the order it self was only $25! sweet huh?

thanks to RIPFace for providing this clip. it’s like Initial D but in real life! very skilled drivers. wish i had a car to try something like that. hehe. ^_^x

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