Earthlink Popup Blocker

today, i found a very useful tool (thanks to earthlink’s spam). on contrary, this tool is used to stop spam (ie. pop up ads/windows). before, most popup stopping programs required you to start a program every time your computer boots and have it go through this firewall type of thing. lots of configuration which i didn’t particularly liked. however, Earthlink Pop-Up BLOCKER integrates itself right into internet explorer and no configuration of anything is required. it’s really ez to add safe zones in case which you prefer to have pop up windows work (*wink* *wink* should be added to your safe zone *wink* *wink*) lol. i don’t think my site has any popup windows, and let’s hope it stays that way. ^_^x well, i’ve chatted a lot, but haven’t even told you where to get it. click here to download it. if the link doesn’t work, please email me.

still haven’t had a chance to do laundry yet. definitely tomorrow. underwear supply has run extremely low. will only last approximately, who am i kidding, it’ll last only 1 more day.

ordered a MiniDisc Player today. got myself a Sony N505 (silver) for $87 shipped. thanks to my $40 gift certificate amazon gave me for free + several coupons. now i need some cheap MiniDisc media deals.

guess who i bumped into today. SEEBA!!! was walking home and bumped right into him in front of my apartment complex. he was on his way to get some thai food so i followed since it was 4pm and i haven’t eaten anything yet for the whole day. what do u call a meal @ 4pm? does it constitute as lunch or dinner? if i eat something @ 12am. does that constitute as dinner or a late night snack? anyway my time schedule is all messed up. hehe. it was a really nice get together since seeba and i really haven’t had time to chat for a REALLY long time.

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