Sparkie’s Wedding Invitation

only 30 visits yesterday!!! you guys sure missed out a good one. well, i guess you can always go back and check the old news, but of course it’ll be ‘old news‘ and not fresh anymore. who likes to read old stuff anyway.

welp while i was talking to cunndogg, i recall another tidbit about krunk. i believe this was during 8th grade when krunk was formally invited to a wedding. sparkie and her fiancé (i forgot her irc handle) were getting married and everyone in #psx on was invited. well, not everyone but the ops and the voice cause we’ve became really good friends. the wedding was held @ SD and i really wanted to go. i even got formally invited with their invitation. not sure how many of you’ve been formally invited to a wedding before, but i received a really pretty envelope with lots of pretty stationary with a card that said, ‘Dear Toland Hon, you’ve been formally invited by someone and someone (replace those by the parents’ names of the bride) to attend the wedding ceremony of someone (sparkie) and someone (his fiancé). sparkie, volfman, and shortdog all wanted me to come (i was the co-founder of the channel @ the time). i actually still have these cards stuck away somewhere in my drawer @ home. next time i go home, i’ll give you guys a scan of it. ^_^x they said i was going to have a blast getting drunk. not sure if i would’ve really drank that time, but there was that possibility. however, the hard part was my parents. what was i going to say to them. some online friend was getting married and i was invited??? if i lied and said one of my real life friends was getting married, there will be reasonable doubt that i’m lying since i’m only in 8th grade and shouldn’t know anyone near the age of getting married. neway, i was really sad when i had to decline. sparkie even reserved a seat especially for me. after the wedding, me and volfman help designed a website that displayed all their wedding pix. not sure if that website is around anymore.

this has been a really bad week for me. even worse next week since i have a midterm and a project due on friday. skipped 2 classes this week. booooo. was working on cs70 hw this entire day. finally finished ~2am and turned it in (since soda’s right next to me; soda = cs building).

yesterday’s entry got a bit long, but i really wanted to tell you Hikaru no Go 48 is out! w00h00!

hikaru no go - sai is thinking

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