Being John Malkovich – Review

worked on cs61b hw today. haveta start on the stupid project due next friday starting tomorrow.

i know my English grammar isn’t particularly awesome as several friends have pointed out. but then again, i see it as just adding to part of the humor you get from my entries. i mean you guys obviously don’t come here to read a well written essay. most of you are here to get some laughs, some fun, or just to kill time. ^_^x

cat pancake
Click image to start animation or view it in the gallery. – thanks to crabyaple

tonite cunndogg and i watched ‘Being John Malkovich‘. the story made little sense to me and the plot was poorly planned/created. many things didn’t just work out, and there were many holes within the plot. the theory itself was understandable and i luved the puppet shows. in fact, here’s some extra ones for you to enjoy: link.

Today Dragon Drive 8 was released and once again i got to see the cute dragon! w00h00! he’s so kawaii. wish i could own him as a pet. ^_^x

dragon drive - ball

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