Done With CS61B Project

how was everyone’s Halloween? got any new cavities? hehe. i’m happy to announce i’ve completed my cs61b project 17hrs before it’s due time! YES! once again, i’m a free man. EE midterm, here i come.

as promised, Picture of the Week has been updated. i hope you’ll enjoy this new piece. ^_^x

bleh, it’s 7:17am and i’m dead tired. i’m make it up by making tomorrows longer. ^_^x

First Linux Computer


tonite’s halloween so u guys go enjoy yourselves! there’s nothing wrong with partying all nite long (unless you have a midterm next week which i do + that stupid project due on friday nite!!!) generally, ppl would post those scary websites where it gets your attention then suddenly a pale face of a dead girl pops up. but that is so overused now and personally i think it’s not really that funny. scary and shocking, but not funny. hehe.

our computer case finally came today! w00h00! it’s setup and running but still lacks an operating system. We’re trying to get RedHat 8.0 running on it right now (download in process – 5 cds). here’s the current specs of our system:

redhat computerredhat computer with led lights

guess what i got in my mail today!?! a cute little rubber ducky! ^_^x Did some survey and thought it’d never come. all it’s missing is a squeaker like that penguin in Toy Story! OOOOOH! that penguin was very cute too! ^_^x

rubber duckie on speaker

Tune in tomorrow for a new Picture of the Week! ^_^x

here’s an interesting conversation i had today. really weird, but turned out to be a … well you’ll see. ^_^x

jimmyatya: you
jimmyatya: do I know you?
jimmyatya: sir
Krunk4Ever: uh
Krunk4Ever: i dont knwo u…
jimmyatya: knwo?
jimmyatya: or
Krunk4Ever: know*\
jimmyatya: what
jimmyatya: oh
jimmyatya: well, I met you last year, we talked a few times in the DC
jimmyatya: my names actually jim
Krunk4Ever: oh. hmmmm.
Krunk4Ever: which suite were u from?
jimmyatya: isn’t your name tolind
Krunk4Ever: jim doesnt ring a bell
jimmyatya: or toland
Krunk4Ever: yeah. it’s toland
jimmyatya: yes, 8b
jimmyatya: yes, I remember, we talked about computers
Krunk4Ever: hmmm
jimmyatya: you helped me out with my ram processing unit
jimmyatya: you have one of those flashy computer systems
Krunk4Ever: i was in 7b45
Krunk4Ever: and for some reason i dont think i know anyone in 8
Krunk4Ever: there was charlie that i know
jimmyatya: oh, well, we only talked a couple of times etc
jimmyatya: how’s school?
Krunk4Ever: it’s cool, how bout u?
jimmyatya: I miss the dorms
jimmyatya: my life is quite hectic
jimmyatya: without my suitemates I feel there is nothing, if you know what I mean
Krunk4Ever: i’m guessing you’re l;iving by yourself?
Krunk4Ever: last years suitemates and i still hang out
jimmyatya: oh yeah, very much so, so much so I’m lost in complete and utterr agonizing pain
Krunk4Ever: and i’m currently living one of my sutiemates
jimmyatya: you? wow, lucky you
Krunk4Ever: were u and your suitemates close?
jimmyatya: you are a lucky man, who is she?
Krunk4Ever: she?
jimmyatya: oh, is this one of those male companions
Krunk4Ever: my suite was all guys
jimmyatya: I’ve had those, they never really work out
Krunk4Ever: really?
Krunk4Ever: my roommate and i seem to get along fine
jimmyatya: I’m really more into my computer, and my phone, my phone is the best
jimmyatya: ]oh, okay then, then you’re set
Krunk4Ever: your phone, hehe
jimmyatya: wha?
jimmyatya: I don’t understand
Krunk4Ever: well, i’m guessing u call alotta friends up
Krunk4Ever: ?
jimmyatya: yes, I do. Why, I guess I miss Rome you know
jimmyatya: especially all those sunsets
jimmyatya: it would knock your socks off, as you Americans would say it
Krunk4Ever: hehe
jimmyatya: I’m not sure about this one though, not sure I’ve heard it yet….hehe? what does this mean?
Krunk4Ever: it’s just a laugh
Krunk4Ever: a chuckle
Krunk4Ever: giggle
jimmyatya: oh, yes, we have that in rome, but we write, cheche
Krunk4Ever: i c
jimmyatya: but it’s pronounced like chey chey
jimmyatya: are you still there?
Krunk4Ever: yeah
jimmyatya: oh good
Krunk4Ever: how’d u find my SN?
jimmyatya: oh, I actually found it in my notes, I think we must have exchanged them at dinner or something
jimmyatya: although, I’m not exactly sure when
Krunk4Ever: i c
jimmyatya: yes
Krunk4Ever: what classes are u taking this semester?
jimmyatya: oh, the usual stuff, an english class, philosophy, math 16, oh and, an acting course. I’m not really sure what to take, bit of an across the board semester for me
jimmyatya: and you, what are you taking
Krunk4Ever: cs61b, ee20, and cs70
jimmyatya: sounds wonderful, completely wonderful
Krunk4Ever: hehe
jimmyatya: extrodinary, reallly it does
jimmyatya: do you like me?
Krunk4Ever: uh, i cant seem to remember you yet
Krunk4Ever: but so far i’ve gotten you’re from rome
jimmyatya: oh, well, I’m of a slight build, and a semi- to light- dark complexion. Black hair, devastatingly handsome, at least that’s what everyone says
Krunk4Ever: lol, that’s awesome
jimmyatya: would you like to get together this weekend. Maybe a little chit chat,
jimmyatya: etc
Krunk4Ever: not this weekend. i have a midterm the following week
Krunk4Ever: so i need to prep for it
Krunk4Ever: mabye 2 weeks from now or something like that?
jimmyatya: oh, really, then
jimmyatya: that would be swell
jimmyatya: quite smashing really
jimmyatya: we could go to my place, or yours, but I don’t want to impose on you, especially your male friend
jimmyatya: I have to say, though, I do miss one person in particular at the dorms.
Krunk4Ever: who might that be?
jimmyatya: well, I believe he was an RA? maybe his name was Patrick
Krunk4Ever: oooh! pat
Krunk4Ever: he was my RA
Krunk4Ever: i heard he went to new york
jimmyatya: oh really
jimmyatya: damn
jimmyatya: he promised me a night out for fun
jimmyatya: dinner dancing, you name it, he was wonderful
Krunk4Ever: i c
jimmyatya: was he from brittain?
Krunk4Ever: no
Krunk4Ever: i think he went o britain for a year
jimmyatya: he seemed to have this sort of, oh, I damn me if I don’t know, but it was, oh, so you’re typing things,
Krunk4Ever: through education abroad
jimmyatya: oh, that explains it., you see, I went to britain too, oncec
Krunk4Ever: nice
jimmyatya: oh it was terrible. bloody weather and all
Krunk4Ever: i personally havent been to europe yet
jimmyatya: you know the drill
Krunk4Ever: oh. that sucks
jimmyatya: tell me dear
jimmyatya: I do want to know more about you
jimmyatya: is you roomy there now?
jimmyatya: I mean, your roommantle
Krunk4Ever: no he’s not
jimmyatya: roommate
jimmyatya: piss goly, I can’t type
jimmyatya: when will he be in
jimmyatya: aren’t you worried
Krunk4Ever: probably later tontie
jimmyatya: it’s late
jimmyatya: too late
Krunk4Ever: nah
Krunk4Ever: he’s on the saling team
jimmyatya: oh, you’ve got me worried
jimmyatya: sailing!
jimmyatya: oh bloody sailing–it;’s dangerous
jimmyatya: you know that don’t you?
Krunk4Ever: nah
Krunk4Ever: how is it dangerous
jimmyatya: you are a brave soul mr toland
jimmyatya: I don’t say
Krunk4Ever: u mean him
jimmyatya: oh, you too, I mean, you must be worried sick
jimmyatya: how can you sleep at night there
Krunk4Ever: uh, to make something clear, we’re just roommates/friends. we dont have a special relationship going on…
Krunk4Ever: it’s like i wouldn’t be worry about my friends driving a car or coming home late
jimmyatya: you see toland sir, my father, sir walter von schlisinger IIIrd owned a charter. we’d sail and sail, until one day, daddy went out and never came back. I died that day
Krunk4Ever: i c. well, they’re using small sailboats
Krunk4Ever: nothing extravagant
jimmyatya: even worse
jimmyatya: the waters in america are very dangerous these days
jimmyatya: pirates!
Krunk4Ever: lol
jimmyatya: oh toland, you are a jolly ole’
jimmyatya: chap, toland, chap
jimmyatya: toland, may I confess something
Krunk4Ever: sometimes, you’ve just gotta take these small risks, or else life will be dull and boring
Krunk4Ever: yes?
jimmyatya: I mean, it seems that we are on the same level, or page..
jimmyatya: toland, sir, and I do mean sir
jimmyatya: if you only knew my background
jimmyatya: do you like music toland?
jimmyatya: toland?>
jimmyatya: are you there?
jimmyatya: toland?
Krunk4Ever: yah?
Krunk4Ever: i like most types of music
jimmyatya: oh good, how about jazz
Krunk4Ever: jazz is cool
jimmyatya: I met this wonderful man on campus, he said he liked jazz
Krunk4Ever: kewl
jimmyatya: who is your favorite artist
jimmyatya: toland?
Krunk4Ever: wes montgomery
jimmyatya: toland?
Krunk4Ever: how bout u?
jimmyatya: oh, very nice, then you’ve cracked case, I love wes, in fact
jimmyatya: I am wes
Krunk4Ever: ?
jimmyatya: toland, it’s me, b-dog
Krunk4Ever: lol
Krunk4Ever: ryan?
jimmyatya: si senor
Krunk4Ever: lol
jimmyatya: how are ya’
Krunk4Ever: i had a hunch u were ryan when u mentioned jazz
jimmyatya: dave set me up with this
jimmyatya: ah hah
Krunk4Ever: lol
jimmyatya: did you like the rome bit
Krunk4Ever: yah i did
Krunk4Ever: i wsa trying to figuer out
Krunk4Ever: i dont know anyone name jim
jimmyatya: the funny thing was that I started doing some brittish accent
jimmyatya: on paper that’s hard
Krunk4Ever: and for a moment i thought u were gay too ;p
jimmyatya: I know, your responses were classic
jimmyatya: I figured you would with the whole pat thing
jimmyatya: so you have midterms?
jimmyatya: sucks dude
Krunk4Ever: yah
Krunk4Ever: next week
jimmyatya: I finished mine last week—5 solid days of study
Krunk4Ever: u done wirth midterms?
Krunk4Ever: wow
jimmyatya: I hated it, but you learn a lot
jimmyatya: hey, we have to get a movie thing going, you andrew, liam, ralph, dave, etc, the whole gang
jimmyatya: I saw Red Dragon last weekend, it was very cool
Krunk4Ever: awesome
jimmyatya: I hear the Ring is good
Krunk4Ever: how’s james and livi going?
jimmyatya: well, it seemed like something was happening but you know
Krunk4Ever: i c
jimmyatya: hey toland, I just got a phone call, but I’ll talk too you soon
Krunk4Ever: okay
Krunk4Ever: cya
jimmyatya: bye dude

Viagra Comedy Skit

anyone have plans for halloween and thanksgiving? I DO! working on my stupid cs project that is. so conveniently hilfinger puts our project due dates right after these holidays! i mean it is good in a way that you get more time, but you basically don’t enjoy any holidays at all. no going home, no nothing! but then again, i wasn’t planning to go home thanksgiving, but my friend was just complaining about it. hehe. rumor is that this class started out with a bit over 200 people is now down to the size of ~100.

like tomatoes? or should i say tomahtos? well, you guys missed out in a big can (yes those big cans that restaurants get) of tomato sauce that they were giving away as free samples. there were dried tomatoes, marinara sauce, chopped tomatoes, and even pears! here’s the thread. was done with my EE lab in less than 30 mins and spent the time waiting for my GSI/TA to check me off getting this can of tomato sauce. hope it comes. ^_^x

have u seen the new Viagra commercial with the baseball player Rafael Palmeiro? here’s the link to the ad if you want to watch it and i encourage you do before you read on. well, i thought of a funny script for a SNL show. i’ve decided to choose Horatio Sanz as the guy to play the ad.

Sanz: I taking batting practice.
Screen: over 450 home runs (shots of his home runs)
Sanz: I take infield practice.
Narrator: 3 Gold Gloves (shots of him catching a ball)
Sanz: I take Viagra.
Narrator: Father of 20 Children (shots of him trying to control 20 kids)

while trying to find what the exact lines to the commercial, i happened to find this article which i found HILARIOUS! linky <– it’s mature humor so if you don’t get it, please don’t ask me why.

well, 3 more doodles today. hope u like them ^_^x

Telepopmusik – Breath

nothing interesting happened today. school, hw, project, and more project. sigh, i’m tired and hungry.

cunndogg finds this song really awesome, one of the best: Telepopmusik – Breathe (YouTube) it’s actually from the new Mitsubishi commercial advertising the montero (or was it the outlander). anyway, the song’s pretty good in my opinion, but just like cunndogg says, “when someone says it’s the best, you’re just instinctively going to say otherwise.” but when you say, “it’s really good.” then it makes it a lot easier for other people to agree with. ^_^x

anyway, g’nite ^_^zzz

More Chibi Goodness

Giants were defeated today. sigh… they were so close and yet so far. congrats to the Angels and Angels’ fans. both teams i’ve gotta say were equally good, but as cunndogg predicted, “Angel seems to be a better team this year.” i’ve gotta say, this really came down to management. if Dusty Baker would’ve just put Kirk Reuter as the starter, then we might still have a chance. but Hernandez? sigh…

welp, i didn’t finish my project today, but did get a big chunk done. to my surprise, soda wasn’t packed at all. onward march!

now for the anime update. new episode of Prince of Tennis was released and the long match between Ryoma and Akutzu still has not been finished. The preview shows that it’s likely that it’ll end in the following episode. Dragon Drive has brought more cute Chibi for me!

dragon drive - cute dragondragon drive - cute dragondragon drive - cute dragon

i’m sorry but seems like i wont have time this weekend to include all my old picture of the week. grrr, i still have laundry to do! =(

Daylight Savings Time on IRC

sigh, today’s game was extremely disappointing. giants were up 5-0 and lost it in the 7th and 8th inning. 6-5 angels win and tomorrow’s game will decide who the the winners of the world series is. ortiz was awesome, but something happened with their bullpen today. it was like they were outta it or something. and angels got lucky! =( anyway GO GIANTS!!!

thanks to lsiyme for reminding me that it’s DayLight Savings weekend. we gain an extra hour! w00h00! well for most of you. an extra hour to work on my stupid cs project =(. stupid windows xp didn’t even warn me it was going to change the clock.

[1:59am] <+Zim> alright, it’s 1:00 again
[1:03am] <@esca> heh
[1:03am] <@esca> it’s 1:03 am 🙂
[1:05am] <@Krunk> wait
[1:06am] <@Krunk> n/m
[1:06am] <@Krunk> [1:59am] <+Zim> alright, it’s 1:00 again
[1:06am] <@Krunk> [1:03am] <@esca> heh
[1:06am] <@Krunk> [1:03am] <@esca> it’s 1:03 am 🙂
[1:06am] <@Krunk> stupid windows
[1:06am] <@Krunk> didnt even tell me about it!
[1:06am] <@Krunk> i had an opened document
[1:07am] <@Krunk> and said some other program modified it
[1:07am] <@Krunk> would i like to reload it with new changes
[1:07am] <@Krunk> when all it detected was the last modified date was after the current time

btw, i’m disappointed in all of you. thanks to n0rybic for pointing it out that my link to the dotphoto site no long works. it is no fixed and should work. so many of you and no one told me… sigh…

there’s this new anime that is really cool. it’s called naruto and lsiymle claims it’s better than Hikaru no Go. it’s starting out pretty good. here’s the opening and ending songs for you to enjoy.

today cunndogg and i went to ikea to get our computer table. scored a pretty good deal. got this table for $40:

ikea computer desk
note: monitor, chair, etc did not come with the table.

hen we went over to some rug outlet/depot place to check out some rugs/carpets. who knew rugs would be SOOOO EXPENSIVE!?!?! well, cunndogg knew, but it looked like the minimum was ~$200 for something decent to cover 8×5′. we’re looking for a rug so we can dampen the noise in the room. hate my apartment manager!

thanks to harrybons for telling me there’s a season 2 now for BMWFilms. the newest one is directed by John Woo and is pretty cool. didn’t like the ending tho. check it out here.

Kazaa 2.0 has been released awhile ago, but Kazaa Lite 2.0 has just be released. Kazaa Lite is basically Kazaa w/o the ads and spyware. recommended if you use morpheus or kazaa. download from here

cunndogg just got home really really drunk. hope he doesn’t have a headache tomorrow. oh well tomorrow will be 24hr of programming for me which will cause a massive headache. =(


turns out the reason the server was down for 8hrs was because of some hardware upgrade. i wonder what excuses they’ll come up with next time. anyway, i’m just glad my site’s back up and running.

welp, MMouse311 seems to be starting a new Yahoo Group with photos and pictures directed to mature audiences. wouldn’t lemme join until i gave out my age in my yahoo profile (doesn’t mean i gave out my real one -_^x) anyone, for those that are interested, the link to join is linky.

today in EE20, the professor said one of the funniest things! he goes, “i’m going to give you a TLA. you guys all know what TLA means right?” most of the class was just lost. he goes. Three Letter Acronym. just thought it was funny and worth mentioning. hehe ^_^x

had lunch with lilpebbly today. i had no idea 99 ranch market existed up here! but she proved me wrong. they also had pretty good pho’ there also. i also diagnosed her laptop and found out that she has a dead harddrive, sigh… it’s so sad when all the info you’ve saved is now gone. and for those that has had such a traumatic experience, you should know that at times like these is when being a friend really counts. oh yeah, for those who ever wants to open a Hewlett Packard Pavillion Notebook, READ THIS before continuing. i was trying to open it from the bottom for so long and almost gave up. welp, they have some funky way of opening this sucka! hehe. ^_^x

New episode of Hikrau no Go is out! w00h00!!! following are some extracts from it:

hikaru no go - sai laughinghikaru no go - sai yelling

Stupid Server Went Down Again

stupid server went down again. 2nd time this week. grrrrrr. well, by the time you read this, that just means it’s already back up. today was sorta ez going day. only 1 class and i came home to sleep afterwards. not much else happened besides… the Giants murdering the Angels today with a 16-4 score. 1 more game and Giant’s are world series champions! so cross your fingers! ^_^x

finally got my chance to take the stupid picture. well, picture of the week has finally been updated. i think after i finish my project for cs61b this weekend, i’ll fix up that page with all the previous ‘picture of the week’.

well, it’s 5am already, and have class tomorrow. so g’nite ^_^zzz

Russell’s Paradox

sorry bout yesterday. was so tired i actually went to sleep @ 11:30. yes this is PM and not AM. i think it’s been the earliest for since i came to college. was working on my EE hw which my eyes felt like concrete and i just couldn’t hold it up anymore. i dont even know why i was so tired especially since i only had 2 classes.

Giants lost badly today, but had an EXTREMELY GREAT comeback today! did you watch the game. looks like the Angels were winning with a 3-0 score till the 5th or 6th inning then BAM! Angel’s pitcher started breaking up and allowed 2 runs. then a 3rd. then a 4th! and when Robb Nen came in during 9th and got 3 outs. WE WIN!!!!

welp besides the game yesterday, it was devastating that my system crashed after 2 weeks of uptime. stupid microsoft and stupid outlook! hate you hate you hate you!

bumped into tacoman today! it’s been the first time i’ve seen him in ages. well, i guess last time i saw him was probably last year last day of school. sigh. it’s cool. ^_^x cunndogg asks why i get to bump into so many ppl?!? i guess it’s fate. but he doesn’t believe in that. hehe ^_^x

here’s an update on harrybons mice attack. apparently he’s caught 5 so far, but there’s MORE. seems that the like hiding underneath the fridge and although rumors say they prefer peanut butter over cheese (not cartoon rumors), the mouse still went for the cheese. so i guess cartoon does actually have some facts behind it. hehe.

cunndogg, liam, and i spent a very long time arguing about set theory and diagonalization. i won’t get too deep into, but here’s something to ponder on. It’s also known as Russel’s paradox. Given the set of all sets that don’t belong in their set, can such a set exist? assume it does, does this set belong to itself? assume yes, then you’ve broken the set’s requirement which only takes in sets that don’t belong to themselves. let’s assume no then, but then this set should include it since it didn’t belong to itself. basically, russell’s paradox has broken set theory which is basically what math is based off of. however, humans have ignored this set and arithmetic is still able to function. in class, they used the same proof to show that several types of programs can’t be written, and cunndogg argues that just because u can show it with this proof, that doesn’t mean you can’t ignore this case and move on. as liam says, both arithmetic and programming are based on axioms which follows rules. as long as the axioms allow for the case to be ignored, then everything will work. if not, it’ll break.

Happy Birthday SueOn

first of all, i’d like to wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to SUEON!!!

this marks his 19th bday (he’s a guy so i won’t worry about him killing for telling everyone his age. hehe). anyway, couple of my friends have turn or soon will turn 20. this marks the end of our teenage-hood (if there’s such a word). sigh… those years were so beautiful and if i had a choice, i’d relive them again and make the best outta it. carii suggested that we’re closer to age of drinking. that’s true but who in the right mind wants to put that nasty bitter liquid into your mouth (was tempted to crap, but crap is usually solid, but then again, lol!) well, we know why carii want’s to grow up faster, although she claims that isn’t true, but i mean to say that w/o thinking… now comon! j/k ;p

welp, my web hosting company claims something went wrong with their ASP server causing my site to be down for 8hrs yesterday. was down from 7pm to 4am and made me reach an all-time low in October of 38 visitors. well, that’s not exactly the truth, i’ve hit 32 in early october, but nothing below 38 since then. but today it rebounded to a nice 71. sounds like i’m some stock reporter or something. hehe ^_^x

new Prince of Tennis and Dragon Drive is out! what really sucks is that one pot wasn’t able to satisfy me again, and the stupid (well, i shouldn’t call them stupid since they are giving me free pot) only gave me enough for one!!! I’m dying here for more!!! I once again got to meet the cute chibi. Here’s some more snapshots of him. ^_^

dragon drive - cute dragondragon drive - biting

welp, crabyaple’s site has been completely revamped and looks amazingly cooler! way to go! linky here! that reminds me. i need to get a new picture of the week! hopefully by today or tomorrow. i’m also pondering the idea of hosting my previous POTW up, but that’ll haveta take some thinking.

finally got my cs midterm back today.

Question 1: 9/10
Question 2: 10/10
Question 3: 9/10
Question 4: 0/0 (extra credit – check doodles)
Question 5: .5/10
Grrrr, i bombed the last question big time! =(

speaking of doodles, 3 new doodles up straight off the midterm. hehe ^_^x