English Essay Writing Experiment

sorry about not updating yesterday. was sitting in my chair and fell asleep. woke up and dragged myself to bed. think it was one of the earliest days i went to bed and it’s probably also one of the rare tuesdays i’m not going to take a nap after cs70.

the following link has been donated by crabyaple: link – hilarious but really mean.

thanks to harrybons for donating this link. it’s hella funny. (just before you criticized that i’ve become a NorCal person, i used hella because freaken or the next step sounded a bit extreme/offensive).

had an awesome harvest these 2 days. got my Dragon Drive, got my Hikaru no Go, and even got my Prince of Tennis! <– my 3 current favorites! ^_^x the following are some cute pix i extracted. the last one might take a bit longer to load since it’s 500kB.

dragon drive - hugging chibidragon drive - take it for granteddragon drive - apology to chibi

hikaru no go - sai screaming

hikaru no go - sai dancing
Click the image to start the animation or view it in the gallery.

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