sigh… midterm went okay. didnt have enough time to finish though. was stuck on problem 3 and when i checked the clock, it was already 10:37 and i had 23 minutes left to do the remaining 3 problems. sigh…

after we came back from our midterm, liam and i had a interesting discussion about fact. it all started with a snapple cap (which now contains interesting facts). his said, elephants are the only mammal that can’t jump. mine said, there are at least 9 million other people with the same exact birthday as me. i said that’s not a fact, they can never prove that. then liam goes and says it is a fact because it is in reasonable statistical probability. i shot back and said probability isn’t a fact and he replies then nothing is a fact. i said, well i know my birthday is on blah blah. he asks, how did i know? i said, ppl told me, birth certificate, etc. but he says how does that make it a fact? can’t the ppl who told you be wrong? your birth certificate be a mistake. it all comes down to the probability of it being an error is very minuscule. and if the probability is small enough, we recognize it as a fact. i guess my reply to that would be that snapple’s assertion has not been proven because they did not know my birthday and further more the world is approaching 6billion people yielding a average of less than 16million people who are born on the same day. that’s just only an average meaning some days yield more babies while others don’t. i believe i can disprove the likelihood of this probability by pointing out that people who are born on February 29th (leap years) would only have an statistical probability of 4million ppl with the same birthday, almost half of snapple’s prediction. therefore, i believe there is reasonable doubt that this is not a fact.

during my nap today, i noticed something very peculiar. have u ever wonder if your brain runs at a different speed during your sleep? well, i had something like that happened to me today. sometimes i don’t close my eyes completely when i sleep leaving a tiny gap to see the whole outside world. when you sleep, you sense of feeling also becomes numb. while i was sleeping, i felt my hand sliding off my face very slowly. i was wondering why but i couldn’t stop my hand from moving. while half awake, i wanted to see what else my body can’t normally do. what i found out is that my eyes see stuff moving at a slower rate than normal time. each frame freezes for a bit before moving to the next. it was really cool! however, during this experiment i had another weird sensation. i think i moved my head too close to the edge of the pillow and my head started to roll off. however i had no feeling of rolling off. all i felt was something rubbing my face and that the world my eye is seeing is rising above me… in slow motion. i went back to sleep after that freaky experience. hehe

new episode of Hikaru no Go came out today! w00h00! also would like to remind those who follow ninjai, that episode 8 and 9 have been released. ^_^x

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