Optical Illusion – Same Color?

today was a slow day. nothing much happened.

shakkiruutu - optical illusion - same color

found this through an anime web server. even after i opened it up with adobe photoshop and did verify that both shades of gray are indeed the same, my mind just won’t settle with that’s the truth… is my mind still trustworthy??? if you don’t get what the picture is saying, it’s just sayin that blocks A and B are the same shade of gray. or is it not…???

found a new awesome tool which will generate webstats logs for me. the webstats link is now added below ‘links’. you can’t miss it. the stuff i display online will be the most generic info. with this new tool, i can ask it how many times has UCLA domains visited my site and it’ll tell me. really neat to track who’s been visiting. so visitor beware! you’re no longer anonymous. ^_^x (i even found someone else has linked to my site – someone i don’t even know! sakusha has been added to my links page – don’t know who she is yet (i think it’s a she) and i’ll find out probably tomorrow when i get a email back.) ^_^x

welp, to end today’s entry, i’ll tell you something hilarious that i was once told. you know how everyone hates telephone salesman that always seem to call you right when you’re eating dinner. well, some guy brought up the most hilarious excuse to get the salesman off the phone.

salesman: hello, i’m sam from la times wanting to know if you’re interested in a newspaper subscription at a very very low…
me: why would i be interested in a some stupid newspaper subscription when i’ve decided to suicide after hanging up! well, you can imagine from this pt on. hehe. ^_^x

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