Hitting a Wall

went to review session today for upcoming cs midterm. this one is going to be a killer. sigh.. wish me luck guys!

thanks to fantasy for donating this link. it’s a bit gross, but super funny. the warning has been given so don’t attack me if you find it repulsive. ;p

thanks to crabyaple for donating this link. welp, there’s 2 things you’re suppose to find on this map here. many including myself has asked the original poster what the heck he wants me to see, but if you study the map carefully, you’ll find 2 specific things you wouldn’t believe existed on a map. i won’t be giving away the answers so if you’re stumped, contact me through email or aim. ^_^x

thanks to panzer for donating this link. welp, i’ve gotta say, this article was very good at summing up everything. i mean everything it says is so true!

and now for the anime update. new prince of tennis and dragon drive came out today. (i know, i should be studying but who can stand not watching a face like this):

dragon drive - scareddragon drive - excited

dragon drive - chibi shakes head
Click on the picture to start the animation or view it in the gallery.

dragon drive - chibi sighs
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i’m sorry, but no doodles today. maybe after my cs midterm. ^_^x

ungsunghero: i (and at least 3/4th of my college buddies) have hit a wall
ungsunghero: two depressing points:
ungsunghero: 1) my roommate and i were discussing future plans
ungsunghero: and how college sucks in general
ungsunghero: and especially how, after graduation, life is so uncertain
ungsunghero: even more so than after HS
ungsunghero: and i swear he nearly teared up when he said how much he’d miss our place should he move out after graduation
ungsunghero: (pull out a kleenex, if needed)
ungsunghero: it got worse when my friend IMed me a few minutes ago
ungsunghero: talking about how she was overwhelmed with four classes + work
ungsunghero: plus the fact that she’s had a bout with a week long cold
ungsunghero: she’s considering dropping a class
ungsunghero: which got me thinking…
ungsunghero: boy is life rough!
ungsunghero: i have THREE classes (one lab)
ungsunghero: she has four AND work
Krunk4Ever: same here! high five!
ungsunghero: and i’m the one itch-baying???
Krunk4Ever: well, i’ve had these moments before
Krunk4Ever: future is scarcy
Krunk4Ever: scary*
ungsunghero: while my friend (she’s still fighting her illness, btw) has to struggle with four and work
ungsunghero: isn’t it?
Krunk4Ever: but i figured if i take life one step @ a time
Krunk4Ever: i’ll reach there eventually
ungsunghero: yeah
ungsunghero: but it’s rough when you hit a wall
Krunk4Ever: yah
ungsunghero: but imagine how much worse it is when a bunch of people sympathize (sp?)
ungsunghero: when they’re all crashing into walls
ungsunghero: and, like i said…i’m bitching about three classes!
ungsunghero: and she’s dying over 4 and work
Krunk4Ever: stupid dog, u know that search dog. he starts scratching himself when u leave him idling
ungsunghero: and so is my roommate
ungsunghero: eh?
Krunk4Ever: winxp search
ungsunghero: i see
ungsunghero: anyway…i’m sad
ungsunghero: and i feel bad
ungsunghero: bad in the sense that i’m bitching over 3 classes
Krunk4Ever: dont feel bad.
ungsunghero: bad in the sense that i hit a wall this early in the qtr
Krunk4Ever: what’s life if u can b*tch about it
ungsunghero: and bad that all my friends have hit the same wall
ungsunghero: and i can’
ungsunghero: t do anything about it
ungsunghero: but sit back and watch
ungsunghero: have you ever had to sit back and watch something so horrible, but you knew you couldn’t do anything about it?
ungsunghero: or at least, in a dream?
Krunk4Ever: many times
Krunk4Ever: but since u cant do anything about it, life moves on
ungsunghero: how about in real life?
Krunk4Ever: when u hit a wall. u either stop, climb over, or walk around it
Krunk4Ever: if u see someone hit a wall
Krunk4Ever: and cant help them over
Krunk4Ever: that’s the suggesting u give them
Krunk4Ever: suggestion*
ungsunghero: i don’t understand
Krunk4Ever: what ur friend needs to understand is there are choices u have to make when u hit a wall
Krunk4Ever: although it may have some bad consequences, it beats standing there staring @ it
Krunk4Ever: and when someone complains about something, they’re not really looking @ u to help them solve it
Krunk4Ever: it’s words of comfort and acceptance and acknowledgement they’re looking for
Krunk4Ever: stuff like, ‘i feel ya’, ‘yah, that class is a killer’, ‘i’m dying here over too!’ and etc
Krunk4Ever: only when they ask seriously: “What should i do???”
Krunk4Ever: that’s when they’re requesting for help
ungsunghero: that’s not my problem
ungsunghero: i did offer her my condolences
ungsunghero: i even offered to help her with classes
ungsunghero: (since i’m such a nice guy)
ungsunghero: but it’s just the shock…
ungsunghero: to think that everybody is so messed up
ungsunghero: i just had a “town hall” meeting with my roommates again about how life is so screwed up
Krunk4Ever: remember what kimura said
ungsunghero: and it’s only THIRD WEEk
Krunk4Ever: the chicken w/o the head
Krunk4Ever: well, all college students are like that
Krunk4Ever: well, most
ungsunghero: yeah
ungsunghero: it’s pathetic too
ungsunghero: and i feel for my friends
ungsunghero: i hope the feeling is mutla
ungsunghero: mutual
ungsunghero: i’m so disoriented right now
ungsunghero: you’re the only person i know that hasn’t yet told me that s/he has hit a major wall
ungsunghero: i’m going to bed
ungsunghero: hopefully, you’ll allow me to continue/finish this convo tomorrow
ungsunghero: g’nite
Krunk4Ever: g;nite ^_^zzz
ungsunghero: and aren’t you going to tell me to calm down?
ungsunghero: or to keep cool?
Krunk4Ever: i think i’ve implied that already ^_^x
Krunk4Ever: and u seem calm
Krunk4Ever: just a bit shaken
ungsunghero: definitely
ungsunghero: remember…i’m screwed up
Krunk4Ever: what i’m worried is about that girl friend of yours
ungsunghero: and yet BETTER OFF than others
ungsunghero: oh…that was just the latest example
ungsunghero: my roommate is in the same bind
Krunk4Ever: i c
ungsunghero: 3 MAE classes
Krunk4Ever: im guessing htat’s some really hard classes
ungsunghero: and a lower division class that requires 200 pages of reading/week
ungsunghero: yeah
ungsunghero: mech/aero engineering
ungsunghero: = MAE
Krunk4Ever: yuck
Krunk4Ever: but it sounds like a cool major
ungsunghero: yeah
ungsunghero: i’m worried about many people
ungsunghero: and i know for sure that my roommate worries about me
ungsunghero: i just hope the feeling’s mutual w/everybody else
ungsunghero: thanks for letting me vent
ungsunghero: part 2 is 2m
ungsunghero: haha
Krunk4Ever: np ^_^x
Krunk4Ever: okay
ungsunghero: ZZZ..

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