Fear of the Shadow

BIG SIGH OF RELIEF … finally got the midterm over and it wasn’t as hard as i expected. answered every question besides the extra credit. think it went something like this, “who were the antagonist in the battle of theodyte” (don’t think i spelled theodyte correctly). during the practice i was stumped @ every single problem, but i actually managed to complete the stupid midterm today with not much trouble, not sure how much i got right though. probably have tons of small errors.

on my way home today, i had a shocking experience. you know how gophers are afraid of their shadows and we always (well, i did) thought it was silly. i mean it’s a harmless shadow. but today, something happened that changed my perspective. while i was walking home listening to my minidisc, i noticed someone was following me. nothing to worry about, just kept walking along naturally. the person moved closer behind me each and every time i checked, but never before me. suddenly i stopped, turned around and THERE WAS NOBODY. all this time, i have been wary of my own shadow. and trust me, i was really frightened @ the end. could’ve sworn beads of sweat was coming out on a freezing tuesday nite. still sends shiver down my spine every time i remember it.

just completed an anime series called Hack Sign. awesome soundtrack, but storyline got extremely weird. the ending was somewhat satisfying besides the fact that it said: to be continued…

welp, that’s it for tonite folks. tune in tomorrow. ^_^zzz

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