CS61B Midterm

found out i have no cs hw due this friday so i’m one happy man! first friday that i’ve been free! my cs61b midterm grades are up. got a 28.5 outta 40. mean was 26 and median was 27. i guess i should be happy since i was expected somewhere around the C range. On Thu, 17 Oct 2002, Paul Hilfinger wrote: “The midterm is graded and grades are now on-line. Mean score 26. Median: 27. Since my grading scale is predicated on a mean of 20, I’d say this is pretty good! PNH

well, speaking of CS, someone posted this caricature online in our newsgroup. it’s so funny yet it’s so true!


not sure if i’ve mentioned this before, but my cell phone scared the heck outta me again. was taking a nap when suddenly i heard a buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz… of course since only my computer is on, i thought the noise was generating from there. i was like o shoot, did something die!?!?! my computer is my baby. nothing bad is allowed to happen to it. of course it’s also my slave working 24/7 ;p. current status:

network status

anyway, back to main topic. i was half way done my bed when i realized that my cellphone was in vibrate mode. (it’s embarrassing when your phone rings in class!!!) after that happened once, i’ve learnt my lesson. well, there was a sigh of relief that there was nothing wrong with my baby. hehe. ^_^x

thanks to fantasy for donating this link. it’s hilarious and seems to be written by some teenager. just some very funny stuff to pass your time with. there were also other interesting items i found in the main page. stuff like reason why no one after jesus has seen/talked to god is because he’s asleep. hehe. ;p

welp, more to come tomorrow! cunndogg is heading to SD this weekend for a sailing competition! wish him luck + i get the apartment ALL to myself. MUHAHAHAHA! think of all the possibilities! SLEEP + SLEEP + MORE SLEEP!! ^_^x

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