Website Updates

sigh… one thing i always forget to do is change the date on these entries. anyway, php is so cool! i rewrote my menu.php file and the file shrunk for 551 lines of code to 154. nice huh? i’ve redone the menu images for the heck of it. i removed several things if you may have noticed. first was the webstats. i decided i should be the only one to have access to this info so too bad ;p. as for the guestbook, dreambook just didn’t cut it, so i decided to remove it until i find a better one which i like, or maybe… maybe i can implement one of my own. i do have the access to do so now. hehe. ^_^x

remember that argument of size i had awhile ago. well, the class finally got there and it was proven so. all the questions i had asked is answered. if you’re interested in finding out why the set of integers is the same size as natural #s, then you should check out this lecture note.

3 new doodles are up. not part of my best work i’ve gotta say. but doodles are doodles. ^_^x

UPDATE: YES YES YES! After 45mins of fidgeting with perl and cgi-scripts, i finally got a working GuestBook. comments and feedback about all these new changes would be nice. ^_^x

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