Cancelling AOL

site seems to be down since 7pm last nite. dunno what’s up, but hope they fix it soon enough. well, when u see this message, that means they’re probably up already. hehe.

harrybons just realized his house now has mice! on contrary, this mouse is extremely cute. i think it’s a pet or something, but he’s found 3 of them already. he let them go off in the streets but i think they’d just come back since they did find a way in in the first place. hehe

today’s game was disappointing. It was SO CLOSE! but the angels have won this game. the score was 11-10 and both giants and angels have made astonishing comebacks. oh well, next game is on tuesday in SF. GO GIANTS!!!

while i was on the phone with AOL several days ago. (wondering why? well go check out why here) anyway, the customer service representative (from now on will be referred to as CSR) called me ma’am. i mean, it’s cool. my name toland is really unisex + i guess my voice isn’t that deep. anyway, i don’t really mind being called ma’am since i want the call to get over as soon as possible and getting into an argument that i’m a guy will just extend the time i have to speak with the CSR. this isn’t the first time. over 80% of my calls to stores, service, or calls from stupid telemarketers has always acknowledged me as a miss/ma’am. then today, i realized that there is a benefit of being acknowledge as a female! i mean they’re usually nicer to females, more likely to do what you asked them to, and DEFINITELY LESS RUDE. hehe.

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